Boat Merchant

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Discontinued Content
This article covers an item that can no longer be obtained, but still exists in-game for players who have it.

Boat Merchant
Boat Merchant.png
Type Transportation Merchant
Location Ocean
Coordinates X: 265, Z: -4039

The Boat Merchant is a merchant who sells you a Boat for 4 Emeralds. The Boat Merchants is located on an island west of Maro Peaks and north of Tree Island right next to a giant

Boats allow for easy, fast and cheap transportation across the Ocean. For every nearby boat, they gain a 15% speed boost.

However this is not true. The +15% speed boost does not work or increase the speed of the boat. In fact, the boats purchased from this merchant turn back into vanilla boats as soon as they are used.

Most players choose not to take one as they prefer the use the V.S.S. Seaskipper that allows them to travel faster without having to buy a boat.


Boat Merchant Trades
Price Product


As of 1.20, there is only 1 Boat Merchant in the game.

-265, 70, -4039
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