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NPC Info
X: 33 Z: -5126
Species Dwarf
Location Thanos Bazaar
Quest Involved From the Bottom

Lodog is an NPC involved in the quest From the Bottom. He will give the player
Ice Drake Scales in exchange for a
Golemlus Power Core, obtained from Dorroc.


Before From the Bottom:

  • Lodog: What, you think just cause I'm not one of you Corkians I can't deal in machines- Oh. You...uh. You aren't Corkian, are ya?
  • Lodog: Sorry 'bout that. See, a few months ago there was a big party of Corkus idjits that came round, and they had the audacity to insult our forges!
  • Lodog: 'specially that bald-headed, square-faced, gray-haired, legendary SPITSTAIN! Oh, I couldn't STAND that guy. So I started dealing in machines, and it's going pretty well I'd say!
  • Lodog: ...oh, right. Gotta try and pawn some 'a this stuff. I got some rarities in my stock, but mostly I'm lookin' to get some machinery. If ya find any, I'll see what I can offer ya, aight?

After From the Bottom:

  • Lodog: This core machine's gonna be a better challenge to figure out than ANY of that smarmy idiot's "legendary mechs," hah!
  • Lodog: ...hm? Oh, 's you again! Suppose ya heard me and my little grudge, huh? Yeah. I forget if I told ya this or not, but a few months ago there was a group from Corkus here.
  • Lodog: Hoity-toity lot, they were. Got me into machinery though, even if it was just outta spite. Might not've heard about many Dwarven mages, but they exist!
  • Lodog: Electromagic comes nice an' natural to me, so I've started riggin' up these machines. It's kinda funny you brought me somethin' from that Hive, too.
  • Lodog: They stopped by here on their way to the Hive, those Corkus idjits. Somethin' about a sponsorship to go see Qira of all people!
  • Lodog: An'! The best part! The idiot came back with a crumpled wrist and this HORRIFIED look- Musta gotten on the Hive witch's bad side!
  • Lodog: Heheheh, he got what was comin' to 'im! Serves 'em all right for bein' so high-and-mighty when they ain't even provincially recognized!


 Location   Thanos Bazaar   X   33  Y     Z   -5126  Wynncraft Map 


  • Prior to the 2.0 Spellbound Update, Lodog traded the
    Claw of Lethirath, the Fire Demon in exchange for
    Bob's Diary.