Silent Expanse's Secret

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This page contains spoilers. Readers are discouraged from continuing if they want to discover features by themselves.

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Discovery Lore
The Silent Expanse has acted as the gateway to Dern since the outbreak of the Corruption War. The Eye has watched all intruders.. and all attempts at escape.
Coordinates X: 1372, Z: -702
Suggested Level 100
Reward 3000000 Experience Points
Uses Discovery
Requirements All other Silent Expanse Discoveries found

Silent Expanse's Secret is a Secret Discovery located behind The Eldritch Outlook. The discovery is about The Eye.

You need to have done both A Journey Beyond quest (to access Silent Expanse) and A Journey Further quest and completed the Eldritch Outlook Dungeon (to get behind it), in order to be able to access this discovery.


Behind The Eldritch Outlook
1372, 132, -702
Wynncraft Map
  • Enter the tower at 1372, 87, -687 after completing all the Silent Expanse discoveries.

Silent Expanse's Secret1.png

  • Climb the stairs all the way up and stand at 1372, 132, -702.

Silent Expanse's Secret2.png

Cut Scene

This cutscene is about the relation between The Eye and Bak'al

  • [1/7] Bak'al: Master. I have arrived. You wished to speak with me?
  • [2/7] ???: The forts of the humans still stand. You have failed.
  • [3/7] Bak'al: Master, we have spread your will across the province as you ordered.
  • [4/7] ???: Peon, you have spread my influence. My will remains foreign. They yet hope. The Olm do not. And so we could claim their lands. But here, we may not.
  • [5/7] ???: I must be present. In my gaze, no thing shall hide. Do you understand?
  • [6/7] Bak'al: I do not, Master. You cannot possibly intend to leave?
  • ??? rips out one of their eyeballs.

Silent Expanse's Secret3.png

  • [7/7] ???: The tower stands. Bring my gaze there. From on high, it shall blossom. And then my will shall exert upon all.