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NPC Info
X: 158 Z: -5227
Species Dwarf
Location Thanos Bazaar
Quest Involved From the Bottom

Syni is a quest NPC for From the Bottom. He will give the player File:GoldenWand.png Draani Thunderwill's Scepter in exchange for a {{WeaponIcon


Before From the Bottom:

  • Syni: Ugh! NO SALES! None! Not now! Stupid Dohstaj!
  • Syni: Quit fawning over Mastro already! I've got an artifact for you! But you just! Won't! Take it!
  • Syni: I SAID no sales! Get out of here!

After From the Bottom:

  • Syni: Finally, I can pack my things up and leave! I just need to endure this macho insanity til then... Thank you, human, for freeing my from this hell!
  • Syni: Though...suppose you wouldn't know the history behind this staff, would you...I can pack and talk at the same time, why not.
  • Syni: That staff belonged to the Dwarven king, Draani Thunderwill I. He started the colonization efforts in the Molten Heights, you see.
  • Syni: He led the war efforts against the demons that crawled from the stone- the ones that used the very same weapon that you so graciously provided me, as a matter of fact!
  • Syni: That staff was presumed lost in the great battle against the demon god, Garaheth....but I found it! It was snapped into something like ten pieces...
  • Syni: That thing took me four years to repair. It's good as new now- it can even channel lightning just like the legends. An effort well worth the trouble!
  • Syni: But the Dogun magic fascinates me- I've got to figure out how those Flameshooters work! I'll bet I can reverse-engineer them, I just need a working model...and now I have it!


Thanos Bazaar
181, -5141
Wynncraft Map


  • This NPC probably has the same anagram in Nyris's name, which means this member was old and/or retired.
  • Prior to the 2.0 Spellbound Update, Syni traded the
    Amulet of the First of the Fallen in exchange for some
    Bottled Dust of the Fallen Angel Star.