Talespun Citadel

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Limited Time Event: This article covers an event that lasted for a limited period of time before ending.
The event's content will no longer be accessible after it has ended, but collectibles and cosmetics earned by the player will persist.

Talespun Citadel SiteIcon.png
Coordinates X: 392, Z: -1527
Other Merchants Equipment Merchant
Trinket Merchant
Other Amenities Party Finder

The Talespun Citadel is a location hidden away from the rest of the map that can be accessed during the annual Festival of the Heroes, which most recently ran from 22nd March until 14th April, 2024, via the Event Airship in the Detlas airbase. Starting in 2023, it was the setting of the Claim to Heroism minigame during the festival.

The Claim to Heroism lobby consists of the airship dock and a bridge over a road at the edge of the citadel, housing information about the minigame, a Party Finder, and stands for its reward merchants. The Talespun Citadel proper is a huge fortress northeast of the bridge, containing a central tower and various ruined structures surrounding it and serving as the arena for the minigame.

Points of Interest


The reward merchants at the Talespun Citadel trade in
Talespun Memories awarded from the minigame.




Unlocking the Door (2023)

Beginning on 12th April, 2023 until the end of the 2023 Festival of the Heroes, the mysterious door that appeared in Detlas could be unlocked using an
Emblem of the Heroes, which was given by the Festival Worker hosting the festival's Scavenger Hunt activity after finding the first hidden cache. Entering the door brought the player to an alternate version of the Talespun Citadel arena, with the sky darkened and most of the area blocked off.

Players could find Aster in this alternate citadel, in the chamber below the central tower home to the Timeworn Remnants. He discussed additional lore about the Talespun Citadel, himself, and his brothers, the Bonfire Keeper, Envoy, and Traveler.

Reuniting the Brothers (2024)

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