The Mortal Mountain

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Unimplemented Content
This article covers content that was never fully implemented in-game. It may have been reworked or cancelled entirely.

The Mortal Mountain CBDungeonIcon.png
Coordinates X: 220, Z: -4935
Suggested Level 81
Monsters -
Boss -
Battle -
Puzzle -
Parkour -
The Canyon of the Lost has always seemed to move on it's own, manipulating pathways to make travellers lose their way. However, one cavern in particular shows an unnatural amount of activity and spews out all manner of rock based monsters.
~ Wynncraft Help Guide

The Mortal Mountain was a proposed dungeon in Gavel's Canyon of the Lost. In July 2019, the dungeon all together got canceled.


  • The Mortal Mountain could have been a predecessor to The Canyon Colossus Raid, since the Help Guide coincides with a force that makes the Canyons shift, with the force later being revealed in 1.20 as The Colossus.
  • This dungeon was also presumably going to fuse all of the Elemental Mini-Dungeons in the Canyon of the Lost.