Tree Island

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Tree Island IslandIcon.png
Coordinates X: -395, Z: -3791
Suggested Level 50
Island Size Small
Monsters Baby Rabbit
Wild Rabbit
Mother Rabbit
Wild Goat
Skyblue Songbird
Seafoam Songbird
Sunset Songbird
Songbird Egg
Oh, hey man! It's a beautiful day, eh? Can you believe this, man? That such place like this can exist? There're like animals and birds, and goats, and animals and... He he, did you you ever notice this big tree here?
~ Old Druid

Tree Island is a small island, and is also one of the only islands in the Ocean not accessible by the V.S.S. Seaskipper. On the island are several animals.

The only human resident on the island is the Old Druid, who is involved in a World Encounter, who passes away on the island, leaving flowers in his place. Every animal on this island is peaceful as well, making this island a safe spot to recover.




  • Old Druid


Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
BabyRabbit.png Baby Rabbit 45 150 Passive - - - Tree Island
WildRabbit.png Wild Rabbit 50 400 Passive - - - Tree Island
MotherRabbit.png Mother Rabbit 55 575 Passive - - - Tree Island
WildGoat.png Wild Goat 55 1150 Passive - - - Tree Island
SkyblueSongbird.png Skyblue Songbird 50 425 Passive - - - Tree Island
SeafoamSongbird.png Seafoam Songbird 50 425 Passive - - - Tree Island
SunsetSongbird.png Sunset Songbird 50 425 Passive - - - Tree Island
SongbirdEgg.png Songbird Egg 45 100 None - - - Tree Island
Songbird Nests