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Disambig.svg This article is about the NPC found in From the Bottom. For the NPC found in Green Gloop, see Yodbon.
NPC Info
X: 131 Z: -5068
Species Dwarf
Location Thanos Bazaar
Quest Involved From the Bottom

Yobon is a quest NPC for From the Bottom. He will give the
Eons-Lost Dwarven History Tablet in exchange for File:GoldenWand.png Draani Thunderwill's Scepter.


After From the Bottom:

  • Yobon: Oh, what I want to do with the scepter?
  • Yobon: Gotta keep some secrets, right? Keep people guessing.
  • Yobon: No fun otherwise. Now get out. I’ve got some people to call up.


Thanos Bazaar
131, -5068
Wynncraft Map

Unlike other Dwarven merchants, Yobon is found hidden in an area behind a Melon? Merchant. The area is inaccessible after the quest is completed.


  • Yobon is an anagram of a few letters from Noobynatty, a Builder and GM.
  • Prior to the 2.0 Spellbound Update, Yobon was implied to be a demon, evidenced by his talk of souls and how he used to own the item he requested, the
    Amulet of the First of the Fallen, and gives the player the
    Horn of the Elven God Entia in exchange for it.