Abandoned Lumber Yard

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Abandoned Lumber Yard SiteIcon.png
Discovery Lore
Hundreds of years ago, the people working at this mill died in the war. Even after the land was frozen over, their bodies still hunt those who draw near.
Coordinates X: -164, Z: -916
Suggested Level 36

Abandoned Lumber Yard is a former lumber site at the outskirts of the northwest Nesaak region whose workers were killed in the war against corruption. The lumberyard is currently inhabited by multiple undeads that will attack players that enter the area.

Points of Interest

  • Abandoned Barn is a building on the south side of the camp. Inside the barn, Strato's Soul can be found; an NPC that drops the Legendary Shallow Diver used in the Underice quest.
  • A lvl.48 Gathering Post focusing on woodcutting is located on the right side of the big cart by the entrance to the yard.


  • A sign near the lumberyard refers to a woodcutting and mining refinery. Refineries were added in the 1.18 update but removed as of the 1.19 update.