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Welcome to the Wynncraft Wiki Todo List!

Here editors can review the current agenda, add or remove priorities, or find pages that need editing.

Guidelines for writing notes:

1. Organize notes near other related notes
2. Provide a logical title
3. Please sign your note with your username and the time in UTC at least.
Use --~~~~ preferably to make this format:
--Sampledude (talk) 0:00, 1 January 2014


This To-do list is separate from the to-do list on the Community Portal. The goal of this page is to provide a more concise list of things that need to get done, or can get done.

To add a task to the task list, add a row to the table, and make sure to include your username in the "Posted By" column so we know who posted it. To do that, do [[User:YOURUSERNAMEHERE|YOURUSERNAMEHERE]] in the column.

To remove tasks, move them to the completed tasks table at the bottom.


Symbol Color Priority Meaning
1! Red Immediate All tasks listed with a red exclamation point (!) and a 1 in front need the most attention. These are the number one priority.
2 Purple High All tasks listed with a purple 2 in front are considered high priority. These should be completed as soon as possible, but after immediate priority tasks.
3 Orange Moderate All tasks listed with an orange 3 in front are considered moderate priority. These tasks should get done before the next update, if possible.
4 Green Low All tasks listed with a 4 in front are considered low priority. These tasks are simply suggestions and could be great additions to the wiki.

Task List

Level Title Description Links (Optional) Posted By
1! Quests We need to make sure that all quests are up to date. Some do not contain updated information as of 1.16. Colin350
3 Lore pages update Many lore pages are stubs/possibly outdated Dogun Category: Lore TrapinchO
3 Relics weapon/guardians Locations Most relic weapons/guardians locations and method of obtaining are incorrectly labeled Relic Weapons, Relic Guardian playfuldoggo
3 Leveling Guide update Some spots have became bad and some became great Easy Leveling Guide TrapinchO
3 Legendary Island Bosses update Many bosses were buffed and/or given CCI Legendary Island Bosses TrapinchO
3 Weapon & Armor Pages Many pages have broken Identification Tables or use wikitables, which can take up more space than the Identification Template, and don't show minimum and maximum IDs. At the moment, I think the best place to look for min & max IDs is Wynndata. Please: Don't create new pages for weapons or armor that do not have significance! CookedPelvis
3 Quest Translation We have thought about this project to make pages of quests in other languages. Fluent people here can also help with translating quest, however, please get in contact with the head translator before making any changes. See here for more information (discord link, head translators, current translation progress). It'd be good to make it fast, but isn't obligated. Please make subpages using this format:QuestName/lang. For the German translation of King's Recruit, you can see that the format is: King's Recruit/de King's Recruit in German

List of all quests and translations
The Community Translator Team
3 Crafting Ingredients The Crafting Ingredients page is much too long, outdated, and hard to read. You can help by creating individual ingredient pages, like Bright Petal. Once we have a good enough amount of ingredients in the wiki's data system, we can then update the page to use the new ingredient display seen in pages like Ingredients with health bonus. Crafting Ingredients FrozenEarth
3 Images for secret discoveries Some pages, especially for Wynn, Desert and Corkus are missing images Secret Discoveries TrapinchO
3 Check and update Mob stats Some mobs could have had their stats changed since they were last edited. Check the pages for each mob and change data as needed. Category:Mobs Da Homeboi
4 Go through the files Go through all files and mark them for deletion or rename if needed. TrapinchO
4 Ancient Wynnic & High Gavellian fonts Ancient Wynnic and High Gavellian fonts should be added for instances where they are used. A tooltip could be added to them for readers to translate them instantly if they wish or keep what they mean a secret. Da Homeboi
4 Legacy Content pages Some content hasn't been archived into historical pages. Only content which has had major changes made to them (see the links for the main ones after the Gavel Update) should be archived as they serve a value that's not making a redundant page. Undergrowth Ruins (1.18), Sand-Swept Tomb (1.17), Corrupted Sand-Swept Tomb (1.17) Da Homeboi

Completed Tasks

Level Title Description Links (Optional) Posted By
1! Boss Altars With the 1.15 update, boss altars were implemented. These pages should be completed. For an example, see: Bovine Barn
Plague Laboratory
1! Discoveries With the 1.16 update, discoveries were implemented. The page should be completed. Add them here: Discoveries Pepinho
1! Loot Crates All Loot Crate rewards need to be added, and some more info on how the Loot Crates work is also needed. Loot Crates Gr4phene
1! 1.16 Update The Corkus Update (1.16) has added a lot of new content. Cities in Corkus, the new dungeons, new and updated quests, and the powder exchange need to be added/updated asap. Most (if not all) of these pages have been added. Corkus City
Fallen Factory
1! Newer Dungeons With the most recent update (1.14), newer dungeons replaced the older ones. These pages are now complete. See: Sand-Swept Tomb
Galleon's Graveyard
Infested Pit
1! King's Recruit King's Recruit has changed and the dialogue too King's Recruit TrapinchO
1! NPC locations NPCs from 1.19 are missing Quest NPCs TrapinchO
1! Version History Patches 1.19.1 -- 1.19.4 are missing Version History TrapinchO
1! 1.19 Update The Silent Expanse (1.19) has added a new province and features TrapinchO
1! 1.18 Update The Economy update (1.18) has added more ways to play thanks to professions, new quests and miniquests. There are also some QOL and quest changes. Kiboko44
1! 1.17 Update The Dungeons and Discoveries update (1.17) has added a lot of new content. Cities revamped, new and updated quests, items etc. and discoveries. Archie426
1! 1.20.2 and 1.20.3 Updates The 1.20.2 and 1.20.3 updates have yet to have all their content added to the wiki. For 1.20.2, this includes the Party Finder, Housing changes, and Bank Quick Stash features. For 1.20.3, this includes all the Guild content, seasons and SR, weekly objectives, and new tomes. This also includes updating CCI for every mob that has it or has gained it. Party Finder, Housing, Guilds, Mastery Tomes FrozenEarth
2 Regions page A some of the region pages are missing/stubs Maltic Plains, Dogun's Retreat and propably other TrapinchO
2 NPC and Location Images NPC and Location images need to be updated to the most recent texture using the Wynnpack.

All images have been updated to include Wynnpack textures; if you encounter one that is still outdated leave a message on my profile.
2 Relics Relic pages need an update. This should be completed asap. Relics Colin350
2 Silent Expanse Regions page Linked pages are stubs and need expansion Abandoned Mines (Silent Expanse), Ruined Olmic City, Eyeball Forest, Toxic Wastes, Void Valley TrapinchO
3 Citizen page Citizen TrapinchO
3 Aerials Aerials of some cities are outdated, as Powder Master came, Banks were divided to Emerald Merchants and map changes happened. Also, some places don't have aerials. All cities and towns have aerials, however, some of them are outdated. These pages are now complete. Look at: Detlas and Almuj for comparison RogueHatter
3 Tower of Ascension Mob Stats Lots of missing mob information on this page, from floor two onwards. Tower of Ascension (Location) Archie426
3 Siegfried Make the fan item merchant page more complete. See: Siegfried Fan Item Merchant Colin350
3 Images We have a list of uncategorized images. We should compile a list of images that aren't being used / are out of date. This list should be kept on a google doc, and shared with the administrators. There are currently 736 files that aren't categorized. This task is now complete and the list is in the hands of the wiki administration. See: Files RogueHatter
3 Resource Tunnels In 1.18 and 1.19 were added resource tunnels in Olux swamps and Maex The Resource Tunnels; Maex? TrapinchO
3 Cave Page The cave page is a list of all caves on the map. It's far from complete, so any additions would help. Cave SeabassTheFish
4 Finish Bank Page Prices The bank page has incomplete page prices, if anyone with high enough level wants to fill these out that would be great. I will when I get there eventually. https://wynncraft.gamepedia.com/Bank ChewLeKitten
4 Melee attack name change The 1.19 Update renamed melee damage to Main Attack Damage. This should be fixed in the wiki. Just a minor update, though. None Berraie
4 Charmcrafter Merchant Items Extreme Low Priority: While being a fairly specific request, this merchant comes up a lot in discussions. Only one of the items on this list has identifications and everything listed. Could someone try to expand this? The task is now complete and the items have been added. See: Charmcrafter Merchant Endertricity
4 Main page class number fix The 1.19 Update added a fifth class, but the main page still says that there are 4. https://wynncraft.gamepedia.com/Wynncraft_Wiki a1a1a1q1
4 Wanted Pages Extreme Low Priority: The Wanted Page section has 2537 wanted pages. Most of these pages do not need to be created. If we could have someone go through all the non-needed pages and fix the links (Make them not link to anything) then the Wanted Pages thread would be cut down significantly. Please: Don't create new talk pages/user pages. This has been cut down and the only wanted pages now are translations. Wanted Pages RogueHatter
4 Location Pages Location pages could use some more liveliness. I suggest using aerial images from the map to show building/merchant/npc locations These pages are now complete. See: Detlas RogueHatter
4 Add Viking Stone Page Noticed the Viking Stone Ingredient doesn't have a page. Not a major thing, but there are pages that reference it None SeabassTheFish03
4 Crafting Ingredients Identification Tables With the addition of Crafting Ingredients with different and unique aspects should come a way to neatly make identification tables for these aspects. In most cases it isn't a big problem to use normal identification tables, but since Ingredient Effectiveness must also be named, I think it should be added into the tables. An example is enclosed in the link. https://wynncraft.gamepedia.com/The_Orange_Wybel Berraie
4 Items and Recipes in Crafting Professions The 1.18 Economy Update has brought (the gathering and) the crafting professions, their crafting benchs and their exclusive craftings. I think it would be a great addition to the Wiki if the items that can be crafted and their recipes could be added to the respective pages. https://wynncraft.gamepedia.com/Category:Professions MrNoxusYZ
4 Add a couple mobs A couple mobs need to be added that I just saw today. I can get them soon. Mooshroom SeabassTheFish03
4 Updating maps Since the 1.18 Update, the maps have changed and added markers like the Trade Market in some places. The maps on the wiki are outdated and need to be updated. See link for example. Corkus City Berraie