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Welcome to the Wynncraft Wiki Community Portal!

Here editors can discuss ongoing projects and debate changes to the wiki.

Curse wiki staff

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Community administrators

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Developer administrators

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Guidelines for writing notes:

1. Organize notes near other related notes
2. Provide a logical title
3. Please sign your note with your username and the time in UTC at least.
Use --~~~~ preferably to make this format:
--Sampledude (talk) 0:00, 1 January 2014
4. Move Wiki Messages that have been resolved for over three weeks to this page's talk page.
5. Please write all notes in the: 'Wiki Suggestions & Messages' section at the bottom for now.


» When adding your name to each category, please use the format [[User:name|name]]. Thank you.


# Armour - Colin350, Glitch496, Pandamonium, CookedPelvis, ADDB
Warrior.png # Classes - Colin350, Glitch496, Pandamonium, ADDB
DungeonIcon.png # Dungeons - Colin350, Glitch496, Apeklets, cityuser, Jazzachi

# Identifications - Colin350, Glitch496

# Items - Colin350, Glitch496, AyeItsJosh, TempleOfLegends, CookedPelvis, ADDB
SiteIcon.png # Locations - Colin350, Oryx, Glitch496, karateman2400, TempleOfLegends, UtopianFlesh

# Merchants - Colin350, Glitch496, TempleOfLegends
CreeperMask.png # Mobs - Colin350, Oryx, Glitch496, AyeItsJosh, TempleOfLegends, FrozenEarth, ParkourTNT

# NPCs - Colin350, Oryx, Glitch496, simon9664, AyeItsJosh,TempleOfLegends, ADDB, Bloxxerboy3009
QuestBook.png # Quests - Colin350, Oryx, Glitch496, Pandamonium, simon9664, ADDB, karateman2400
Weapon Anim.gif # Weapons - Colin350, Glitch496, CasualDude, CookedPelvis, ADDB


# Leveling Guides (includes quest recommendations) - Colin350, Glitch496
# Quest Guides - Colin350, Oryx, Glitch496


# Miscellaneous Corrections - Colin350, Glitch496, AyeItsJosh, Utopian Flesh, Big_fat_bunny, CookedPelvis, ADDB, Numbermaniac, ZiyiCrafting
# New Updates - Colin350, Oryx, Glitch496, CookedPelvis, karateman2400, Numbermaniac

Page Creation Reminders & Guidelines

# The Standard
» Before creating a new page, please:

  • Consult similar pages and/or Templates. There are plenty of resources available already to aid in the process.
  • Check if there isn't a page already created for said topic.
  • It isn't necessary to have a page for every single weapon, mob, or armour piece, in the game. Any armour / weapon that holds an important value should be added, otherwise, please don't make a new page for any item that isn't important. (This guideline could change in the future)
  • Reuse images if you can. Please don't upload an entirely new, but same, image for each page that is created. If there is an outdated image, instead of uploading a separate file, simply replace the outdated version.

# Image Etiquette
» Images tend to be the topic of conversation here on the wiki. With each new update, many images become outdated, and are in need of replacement. When adding, updating, or changing images, please follow these guidelines:

  • In the search bar, search: File:Name. Name should be a file name that closely matches the one that you are choosing to upload. If you see an image that could be an outdated or incorrect version of the one you are updating, instead of uploading a completely separate image, replace the one outdated/incorrect one with your new one.
The purpose of this guideline is to lessen the amount of space that is taken up by images on the wiki.
  • For items, please upload with a transparent background if you can. It is much appreciated.
  • Please use the Wynncraft Resource Pack for images.
  • Please make sure the image is bright enough to see.
  • Please make sure there are no particles.
  • Please make sure the image was taken in F1 mode, that way the minecraft gui / overlay isn't present.
  • Please make sure the image is taken in normal POV or less, that way the image will look more natural.
  • Please name the image before uploading. To be more specific, name it in accordance to the page where it will exist. For example: If it's a picture of the NPC King of Ragni, it would be ideal to name it KingOfRagni.png.
  • Please don't use shaders if possible.
  • Please make sure the image is taken at a proper distance (for example, most infoboxes use 200px as the standard size. If the image is too far away and the dimensions are too large, this isn't a good thing).
  • Please note: It can take anywhere from a few minutes to a few days for an image to upload/update and appear. If your version doesn't appear immediately, please be patient and don't upload consequent versions.

# Conventions
» Please be mindful of these conventions when editing or creating a new page:

  • Please make sure your spelling and grammar is correct. If you aren't sure, go to Grammarly, and copy and paste your page into it. Then choose which way to check it and it will give you a list of things to fix and how to fix it.
  • When linking pages, please use: [[Link]] or [[Link|Nickname]]. Notice the double brackets.
Link refers to the page name you are linking to. It must match the page name exactly (capitalization included).
Nickname can be used optionally to nicely incorporate links in text blocks. Suppose in my text block I said 'Wynn', and not 'Wynn Province', I could use: [[Wynn Province|Wynn]]. In other words, it's like renaming the hyperlink from 'Wynn Province' to 'Wynn', without changing the page name for 'Wynn Province'.
Note: When using plurals, you can put the "s" after the closing brackets without needing to retype the whole link. For example, [[Emerald Merchant]]s will link to Emerald Merchant, but display as "Emerald Merchants".

# Infoboxes / Templates
» Please read through this section if you consider updating or creating infoboxes and/or templates:

  • As of right now, the wiki admininstration would prefer that no one attempts to update infoboxes, update templates, or create templates without consulting either one of them first. The risk is too big if there is an issue with the template.

Wiki Suggestions & Messages

» If you have any suggestions or general messages, please write here.

Please also see our Todo list.

Condensing the Community Portal, Getting a Bot, Admin Activity

First, I believe it would easier for users to post on the Community Portal if the beginning chunk of it was made into a template (e.g., everything from the beginning of the page to "Please see our Todo list" was replaced with <!--Post beneath this line-->{{Template:Community portal}}). It would mean that a user has a lot less content to sift through when loading up the page editor.

Next, I would like to introduce SLSbot, my bot. Technically it's SLScoolBot (there was already an unrelated SLSbot on Twitch), but I prefer SLSbot. My experience as a bot operator can be seen here, and the only bot account on this wiki has been inactive for several months. I would like to run a bot here, with the admin team's permission. There are a number of tasks that could be made easier with a bot—partially because a bot only downloads the text of the page, not anything else that a browser loads in; partially because a bot can fluently scan all articles for key words; and partially because it can get repetitive, and the quicker the massive editing operation is, the better, for both the wiki and the person.

Finally, I have noticed that the administrators of this wiki are inactive; none of them have edited since July or August. Administrators are important to have on a wiki, both for technical (e.g., giving Slscoolbot a bot flag) and authoritative (e.g., approving the template idea) reasons. On the chance that none of the current ones come back, there a couple options. First, we check with the WynnCraft staff to see what they suggest. If they have no opinion, then the active users of the wiki could decide who should become administrators and bureaucrats of the wiki. I'm thinking that, if another user supports this idea, this gets put on the front page in an agreeable position.Slscool (talk) 05:50, 12 November 2017 (UTC)

Hi, please get in contact with me by starting a conversation with me on the forums. --Therealcolin350 (talk) 20:09, 12 November 2017 (UTC)

Currently the only bot is inactive because there are currently no bot tasks. Even though the current administrators are not very active at the moment, they can still be reached via multiple ways (like the forum). --MarkusRost (talk) 10:52, 12 November 2017 (UTC)

Bovine Church

I am not sure if there is much lore on the Bovine Church, but if there is, I believe an article should be created for it.Slscool (talk) 04:42, 10 November 2017 (UTC)

Wynn Excavation Site B

Quest Puzzle needed updating. I tested 3 times on my method, confirmed it works the most efficiently, and added it to the wiki page. --Icyflame58 (talk) 5:06, 27 January 2019 (UTC)

Dogun's Retreat

This area needs a page. Center of town coords: 1377, 141, -5307

The page has been added: Dogun's Retreat --Chargepump


Having a page documenting all of the different caves with pictures and mobss and stuff like that would be pretty cool. I would be willing to start this ASAP, just wanted to get a thumbs up from an admin or whoever. --Onlyhereforgamepedia (talk) 00:56, 24 March 2020 (UTC)

Adding History Pages to all articles

I think moving "trivia" from previous versions into a dedicated History page for each article would be very useful in knowing specific details for how a quest or item has changed over time, or for a player to be able to easily catch up on how a quest (or things like the new quests that lead up to the Infested Pit) differ in the current version. A good example to take inspiration from would be the Cobblestone History page from the Minecraft Wiki. --SgtDornan (talk) 23:11, 30 March 2024 (UTC)

Skill Tree

For Wynncraft's 2.0 release we need at least 5 skill trees. If you are [HERO] or [Champion] then if you have the texture pack you could release a compiled together picture of each class skill tree and post it here

Update Request to Ancient Wynnic Page

Due to the protected status of Ancient Wynnic no one is capable of adding to this page without admin consent

Trivia: On the Map above Fruma there is Wynnic Saying "Comin Soon"