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About Wynncraft

Wynncraft, The Minecraft MMORPG

Launched in 2013, Wynncraft is a world record-holding Minecraft MMORPG server created by the CraftedMovie team. Gameplay takes the player throughout multiple realms and provinces, exploring a large, detailed map as they go. Currently there are 5 playable classes, each with unique weapons and spells. Characters level up by killing mobs and by completing quests, and there are thousands of items to obtain and equip. With an extensive crafting system and multiple dungeons and raids, the possibilities are endless.

You can join Wynncraft today at play.wynncraft.com, or visit our Newcomer's Guide or the Wynncraft Website!

Current Events

SilverbullIcon.png Guild Season 18 SilverbullIcon.png

Guild Season 18 started on April 26th. Participate and get in the top 20 guilds to get the Imperial Banner Structure! The season ends on June 17th.

Double XP Weekend

All Combat and Profession XP is doubled until May 19th! Combat and Profession XP Bombs will also provide triple XP during the event.

Latest Update: 2.0.4

The latest update has made several changes to Lootrunning, which include Missions, revamped Yellow and Grey Beacons, two new Lootrun Camps, and more! Other changes include a new Ultimate Ironman Gamemode and Character Banks!

Read more about the latest update and Wynncraft's version history.

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