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Item Information
Item Dagger
Class Assassin/Ninja
Min. Level 32
Rarity Legendary
Powder Slots 1 ()
Obtain Underworld Crypt Dungeon Merchant
Tag Untradable
Base Damage
Attack Speed Normal (0)
Fire 50-110
Defense Min: 15

The legendary Abolition is a level 32 dagger focused on the Fire element, available for purchase from the Dungeon Merchant standing at the side of the entrance to the Underworld Crypt Dungeon. It is a great early game dagger both for getting loot and XP, due to it having the 6th highest loot bonus and the 5th highest XP bonus of any dagger whilst only being level 32.


Abolition is identified when bought. Therefore, its identifications don't vary.

Identification Preset Value
 Life Steal   +38/3s 
 XP Bonus   +22% 
 Loot Bonus   +22% 
 % Fire Damage   +10%