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NPC Info
X: 872 Z: -1932
Location Almuj
Quest Involved Wrath of the Mummy

Achper is an NPC who lives near Almuj's front gate. He is a mummy researcher and tells the player how to remove the curse on Ormrod in the quest Wrath of the Mummy.


872, -1932
Wynncraft Map

Achper is on the right from the front entrance to Almuj. He is located under a brown and grey tent.


Before Quest

  • Achper: Hi! If you are looking for some information about mummies, I can help you!

During Quest

  • Achper: If I know about mummies? Of course! I've spent my entire life studying them!
  • Achper: They usually are very hard to reach, hidden in their tomb.
  • Achper: I know what happened to Ormrod, and the only way to remove the powerful curse would be to kill the mummy.
  • Achper: The tomb is north from here, but be very careful!
  • Achper: Mummies aren't known to be weak... especially that one. It's demonic...pure evil, I have never seen such strength in a being.
  • Achper: On top of that, the Creden Tibus bandit clan have been ransacking the tomb. They might not let you inside without some negotiating.

After Quest

  • Achper: Glad to hear you came back alive! Those mummies aren't always easy, eh?