Adder Stone

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Adder Stone

Item Lore
Aldorei charms are often shared and tinkered with by gifted Elves within the commune. Though simple, the stones blessed by elven magic provide soothing energy to the wearer.
Item Information
Item Necklace
Min. Level 80
Rarity Legendary
Obtain Loot Chests
Base Defenses
Health Bonus +375
Earth +25
Water +25
Strength Min: 30
Intelligence Min: 40

Adder Stone is a level 80 Legendary Necklace. It can be found in Tier 3 [✫✫✫] and Tier 4 [✫✫✫✫] Loot Chests from levels 76 to 84.


It costs 419 Emeralds to identify Adder Stone.

Identification Minimum Value Maximum Value
 Health Regen   +24  +104
 Mana Regen   +2/5s  +8/5s
 XP Bonus   +3%  +13%
 Walk Speed   -6%  -3%
 % Thunder Damage   -8%  -4%