Alchemical Circles for Dummies

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Alchemical Circles for Dummies
NPC Info
X: -3033 Z: 210
Location Ariodo's Lab

Alchemical Circles for Dummies is a book found in Ariodo's Lab accessed by the
Mysterious Key that describes how to create alchemical circles in a derogatory manner to the reader.


  • Alchemical Circles for Dummies
  • Now, listen here. You there. You, reading this book. Yes, you.
  • Have you ever found yourself wanting to make an alchemical circle, but aren't smart enough for all those other guides? Well, you're in luck, you dumb-dumb idiot!
  • With this easy seventeen step process, which even you, a small dummy, couldn't possibly fail, you'll be designing alchemical circles in what will probably be a short amount of time!
  • STEP ONE: Prepare the supplies, you idiot! A smart person would have already done this, but you, a below-average dummy, clearly have not.
  • Now, the items you will need, as have been prepared to make sense to you, the dummy that you are, consist of...
  • The rest of this page has been torn out.
  • The book appears to continue in this mildly derogatory tone, informing the reader how to create alchemical circles... poorly.


  • The name of the book appears to parody the For Dummies book series, though in writing this takes a harsher tone to the reader unlike the For Dummies series.