Almuj's Emerald Labyrinth

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Almuj's Emerald Labyrinth SiteIcon.png
Almuj Emerald Vault.png
The Vault inside the Labyrinth
Access Points Almuj's Bank: 1019, -1977
Suggested Level 52
Involved Quests Jungle Fever
Monsters Level 70 Emerald Golems
Uses Quest
Requirements Completion of A Sandy Scandal, started Jungle Fever
Other Information
The Emerald Guards are extremely dangerous

Almuj's Emerald Labyrinth is a hidden underground labyrinth specifically designed to protect Almuj's Emerald Vault. It can be accessed through the Emerald Vault in Almuj's Bank and is guarded by level 70 Emerald Guards. The guards are extremely dangerous and do a fair amount of damage. The player has to find a way through the labyrinth during the quest Jungle Fever. To open the iron door securing the vault room an item has to be placed on a wooden pressure plate on the other side of the labyrinth.

This page contains spoilers. Readers are discouraged from continuing if they want to discover features by themselves.


  • Assassins can use their Vanish skill to avoid the Guards
  • Mages can use Ice Snake or Teleport to avoid the Guards
  • Archers can use Arrow Shield to blind the Guards
  • Anyone can take their horse all the way through, due to not being able to take knockback while on a horse.
  • If you get low on Soul Points store all your items and armour at the bank and enter without anything on you.
  • You cannot lose untradable items.
  • For the Pressure Plate turn right, left and then straight (from the lowest stairshe door turn right and then the 2nd right again.
  • To get directly from the stairs to the door turn right, right, right.
  • If you have Xaero's Minimap, or Wynntils, you can use their minimap's to add waypoints to make it a bit easier on knowing where to go.
  • The pressure plate's coords are 1000, 21, -2030 and the door's coords are 1019, 21, -1993 if you need to make waypoints.


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