A Sandy Scandal

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A Sandy Scandal CBQuestIcon.png
Quest Info
Length Long
Difficulty Hard
Tags Unlocks Almuj Bank
Location Almuj
Province Wynn
Combat Level 32
Starter NPC Almuj Bank Guard
Reward As follows:

A Sandy Scandal is a long level 32 quest centered in Almuj.


A big robbery is happening at Almuj. Thieves are stealing weapons and TNT to get the emeralds from the wealthy bank and the player is requested to help.

Stage 1

» Talk to the Almuj Bank Guard at [976, 83, -1963]



  • Almuj Bank Guard: You look like a hardy one, Ragni army is it? Would you be willing to help Almuj a bit?
  • Almuj Bank Guard: Us guards have been trying to root out desert bandits trying to rob the bank.
  • Almuj Bank Guard: We're using reports from witnesses to try to gain information.
  • Almuj Bank Guard: If I give you some of the witness reports, will you help get clues from them?
  • Almuj Bank Guard: Great! The store from the first witness report is straight down the stairs, just past this here building, just behind me.
  • Almuj Bank Guard: The store that you should read the report in is named “Gibbs' Mining Supply Store,” and it's the store that was robbed.
  • Almuj Bank Guard: I will write the coordinates to the store so you can read the report just in case you can't find it.

Stage 2

» Go to the witness report location.

Witness Report Location I
954, 75, -1985
Wynncraft Map


  • You read the report and visualize its words.
  • Business was slow that day, until two rugged, oddly-dressed men stormed into my shop, with a lot of nerve.
  • Shopkeeper Gibbs: Hello gentlemen! What can I interest you in today? Some industrial torches? Pickaxes?
  • Before I could close any deal with them, the man with a dagger started threatening me!
  • Bandit: Shut yer’ trap, old man. We came for a different kind of business.
  • I tried to make peace with the crooks.
  • Shopkeeper Gibbs: Wha-? Look, fellows. Just step out of my store, and nobody gets hurt. I don't want any trouble.
  • The bandit put the knife closer to me and started demanding the code to the TNT vault downstairs!
  • Bandit: Listen up old man, tell us the code to the TNT vault in the basement, or I decorate my necklace with your fingers!
  • Shopkeeper Gibbs: Certainly not! That TNT is for licensed mining companies only, not your average amateur miner.
  • The bandits grew agitated and resorted to violence to obtain the combination.
  • Bandit: Well then! I guess you'll still be able to grasp a pick with four fingers, eh?
  • They swiped their knife at me, leaving a sizeable wound on my arm.
  • Shopkeeper Gibbs: Gaaah! Alright, alright! No more violence, please!
  • I had no choice but to give up the combination, which was 7812.
  • Shopkeeper Gibbs: The code is 7-8-1-2... please don't hurt me!
  • After I gave up the combination, they knocked me out!
  • Bandit: 7-8-1-2... thanks! We won't be needing you anymore... now go to sleep!
  • I had no idea what the criminals did after that, I never went back into my shop after the incident.

Stage 3

» Open the vault in the basement [Code: 7812].

  • GUARD ASSIGNMENT: Search the vault for signs of a robbery/veracity of witness report.

The buttons are, in order: bottom left, bottom middle, top left, top middle.

  • [ VaultDoor-2000 ] Vault unlocking...

Stage 4

» Explore the vault.

  • Little TNT in the vault! It has been robbed...
  • The criminals seemed to have dropped the knife used to stab shopkeeper Gibbs while robbing the vault...
  • You should return to the Almuj Bank Guard with your information.

Stage 5

» Talk to the Almuj Bank Guard.

Outside Almuj Bank
976, 83, -1963
Wynncraft Map


  • Almuj Bank Guard: You're back, having read the report I assume. Did you find anything in particular?
  • Almuj Bank Guard: Missing TNT in the shop's vault? The report was truthful and trustworthy.
  • Almuj Bank Guard: We need to catch these criminals quickly if they have access to this dangerous of TNT, capable of putting a hole in the bank's wall.
  • Almuj Bank Guard: Luckily, we recently had another witness report come in.
  • Almuj Bank Guard: This report takes place on the roof of the Scroll Merchant's residence, a garden roof.
  • Almuj Bank Guard: I've written the coordinates to the shop in your quest book in case you don't know where the Scroll Merchant is.

Stage 6

» Go to the witness report location.

Witness Report Location II
922, 79, -1927
Wynncraft Map


  • You read the report and visualize its words.
  • I was having a fine time tending to my rooftop garden after a lengthy day of selling scrolls.
  • While looking down on the street, I saw two unsavory men, one with TNT in hand, marching down the path.
  • I was suspicious, so I tried to get their attention, but they ignored me.
  • Scroll Merchant: Ey', what do you two blighters think you're doing with those dangerous explosives in the city?
  • I then realized that had no innocent itinerary, they were heading straight for my wealthy neighbor's house!
  • I tried to yell for the attention of a guard or official, but nobody could hear me.
  • Scroll Merchant: Guards! Guards! Robber! Come quick! Urgently!
  • Before anybody could hear me, a large explosion occurred inside of the house the bandits intruded.
  • Scroll Merchant: Gaaah!
  • The bandits came sprinting out of my wealthy neighbor's house with two of his most prized possessions: two of his weapons.
  • I wasen't sure what to do at this point... I didn't try to confront them, that'd have been way too risky!
  • I have no idea where they went off to afterwards.

Stage 7

» Find the source of the detonation.

Note: if you used /kill to get outside of the quest cutscene in Stage 6, you can go to the house that exploded and it will bring you to the cutscene area.

  • GUARD ASSIGNMENT: Search the wealthy man's residence for the source of the explosion.
Wealthy Man's Residence
-13900, 37, 21019


  • This bedroom is where the explosion occurred! The criminals seemed to have the intention of breaking into the vault... you should investigate it.

Stage 8

» Inspect the safe.


  • Two weapons are missing from the wealthy estate owner's weapon rack.
  • The two weapons stolen by the criminals were stolen from this vault.
  • It is troubling the criminals have access to weapons so powerful they must be locked in a safe.
  • You should return to the Almuj Bank Guard with your information.

Stage 9

» Talk to the Almuj Bank Guard.

Outside Almuj Bank
976, 83, -1963
Wynncraft Map


  • Almuj Bank Guard: Were you able to uncover any new information regarding the status of the criminals?
  • Almuj Bank Guard: Oh dear, this isn't good. The criminals plundered two very powerful weapons.
  • Almuj Bank Guard: It won't be easy facing those criminals if they decide to raid the bank with those weapons.
  • Almuj Bank Guard: I'm not certain how to proceed from here, we didn't recieve any more witness reports, and-
  • Almuj Sentry: Boss, I just received urgent reports of a robbery underway in the left residential area of Almuj!
  • Almuj Bank Guard: Oh my… you! Soldier! Urgently! The residential area this robbery is taking place in is across the bridge next to the first house you visited today!
  • Almuj Bank Guard: There will be somebody waiting for you outside of the house once you get to the residential area!
  • Almuj Bank Guard: If you still can't find it, I've written the coordinates in your quest book. Now quickly, get to the house!

Stage 10

» Quickly! Go to the house.

Robbed House
930, 75, -2034
Wynncraft Map


  • Almuj Citizen: Hello? Are you with the guards? Good! Hurry! Some bandits just ransacked my house, and left with lots of emeralds!
  • Almuj Citizen: Follow me to my house, hopefully you can find the bandits! They stole lots of my precious gold!

Stage 11

» Look for signs of the bandits' whereabouts.

Spoiler! The hidden text contains spoilers relating to the bandits' whereabouts.

There is a trail of gold the criminals left behind from the robbery that starts at the broken wall in the back of the house. Follow that trail to find the bandits.



  • Bandit Leader: Here-- maybe you'll help us pull the heist if I give you some of this gold we just stole.
  • Bandit Leader: Ahah. I had a feeling we had a guard on our tail.
  • Bandit Leader: I wouldn’t want to wear out my new-stolen weapons killing you… I'll just trap you in here with all of this TNT!
  • Bandit Leader: This'll blow up in a few seconds. Good luck getting out of here!

Stage 12

» Escape the hideout!

Stage 13

» Find where the bandits blasted a hole to get into the bank.


  • Find where the bandits are breaking into the bank.
Spoiler! The hidden text contains spoilers relating to finding the hole used by the bandits.

The hole blasted into the bank is right near where you exit the previous room, at [1029, 83, -1982].


  • Bandit Leader: It’s too late to stop us now! We’re already about to bust out of here with a grand prize sure to gain us province-wide respect!
  • Advance to the next room.

Stage 14

» Follow the criminals into the other room.


  • Bandit Leader: Look here, the soldier decided they wanted to follow us. Dumb move.
  • Bandit Leader: I guess we can kill two birds with one stone: escaping the bank, and killing this pest.
  • Bandit Leader: Block the entrance, bandits!

Stage 15

» Don't let the bandits escape!

  • Defuse the TNT to prevent the bandits from escaping with the emeralds!

One TNT will spawn in a random corner of the room every 15-20 seconds. Stand on the pressure plate in front of the TNT for 2-3 seconds to defuse it. You will have 10 seconds per TNT to perform this task before it explodes.

Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
BanditLeader(Boss).png Bandit Leader 35 100000 Melee Charge, Pull ✤ Dam - Underneath Almuj Bank
SniperBandit.png Sniper Bandit 30 300 Ranged - - - Underneath Almuj Bank
ScoutBandit.png Scout Bandit 30 210 Melee - - - Underneath Almuj Bank
ArmouredBandit.png Armoured Bandit 30 900 Melee - - - Underneath Almuj Bank
If you fail:
You have to redo the stage.
If you defuse all TNTs:
  • Bandit Leader: Oh no... we’ve run out of TNT... we were in over our heads... we can't defeat them, just run for your life! Forget the emeralds, let's get outta’ here!
Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
BanditLeader(Passive).png Bandit Leader 35 100 Retreat - -
Underneath Almuj Bank
SniperBandit(Passive).png Sniper Bandit 32 256 Retreat - - - Underneath Almuj Bank
ScoutBandit(Passive).png Scout Bandit 30 308 Retreat - - - Underneath Almuj Bank
ArmouredBandit(Passive).png Armoured Bandit 33 1080 Retreat - - - Underneath Almuj Bank

Drop the TNT from the Bandit Leader into the hopper at the end of the room to blow open an exit and return to the main city.

Stage 16

» Talk to the Almuj Bank Guard.

Outside Almuj Bank
976, 83, -1963
Wynncraft Map


  • Almuj Bank Guard: What happened down there underneath the bank? I heard the rumble.
  • Almuj Bank Guard: You stopped the crooks? Amazing!
  • Almuj Bank Guard: The Almuj bank is typically reserved for trusted members only; however, you have proven yourself today to be one of them.
  • Almuj Bank Guard: Thank you for your service!


  • Riding a horse during the arena fight can prevent you from being knocked back off the defuse buttons


  • This quest replaced the quest Drought Sand during the 1.17 Dungeons & Discoveries Update.
  • This quest grants the player access to the Almuj Bank where Almuj's Emerald Labyrinth is located, and is therefore required in order to complete the Jungle Fever quest as its later stages take place in said labyrinth.