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NPC Info
X: 192 Z: -5218
Species Dwarf
Location Thanos Bazaar
Quest Involved From the Bottom

Dobile is a quest NPC for From the Bottom. He will give a
Molten Jasplite Ingot in exchange for a
Dwarven Bottlecap Collection, which can be obtained from Nakoba.


Before From the Bottom:

  • Dobile: Minerals for sale! Minerals for sale! Come get your rare metals here!
  • Dobile: Accepting bottlecaps from all types of events! Festivals, crownings, royal weddings, ravine-jumping contests! No substitutes!
  • Dobile: Ehm. 'Scuse me, Human? You're in the way of my barking. Don't mean to be rude, but could you move? Unless you've got a trade offer?

After From the Bottom:

  • Dobile: Oh, you really are interesting in hearing about these bottlecaps, huh? Well! Sit down there, fella! These have a STORY behind 'em.
  • Dobile: See, almost all our drinks come in bottles. Bottles are just too useful, compared to cups or mugs. Good for improvised weapons, and so reusable!
  • Dobile: These bottlecaps were the first specialty ones made in Dwarven history! Someone got the idea, since the Dogun festival was a big event, to make decorative bottlecaps.
  • Dobile: Each one tells some story of the Dogun war on it, or some war trivia! See, this one tells you Delinaed the Wise's favorite book.
  • Dobile: It became a fad, then a tradition- practically every big Dwarven event has some specialty bottlecaps made to commemorate it now. Collectors like me have our work cut out for us!
  • Dobile: So hey, if you ever go to a big Dwarven event, buy some drinks! Save up those caps- they're worth a hundred times their weight in emeralds, in terms of historical value!


Thanos Bazaar
192, -5218
Wynncraft Map

Dobile is found to the south of Nakoba, under a blue market stall.


  • Dobile is an anagram of a few letters from HardBoiledEgg, a Builder whom Gelibord is also named after.