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Item Lore
The sheer bond between Adamastor and Urdar has manifested itself into a physical form due to their duress. Such power is not to be abused...
Item Information
Item Diamond Chestplate
Min. Level 100
Rarity Legendary
Tag Untradable
Obtain Boss Altar Drop
Base Defenses
Health Bonus +3375
Earth +150
Air +150
Strength Min: 50
Agility Min: 50
Boss Altar Aerie of the Recluse

Dondasch is a powerful air-earth chestplate, occasionally dropped when beating the Aerie of the Recluse Boss Altar.


It costs 515 Emeralds to identify Dondasch.

Identification Minimum Value Maximum Value
 Strength   ~  +20
 Soul Point Regen   +5%  +20%
 Walk Speed   +8%  +35%
  Main Attack Damage   +84  +364
 % Earth Damage   +8%  +33%
 % Fire Damage   -130%  -70%
 % Air Damage   +8%  +33%