Kitrios Barracks

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Kitrios Barracks StructureIcon.png
Kitros Barracks.png
An overview from inside the barracks
Discovery Lore
These barracks are where the Cinfras Army is positioned, though lately their General has been acting suspicious...
Coordinates X: 130, Z: -5450
Suggested Level 80
Quest Starts General's Orders
Uses Quest
Requirements General's Orders Quest

Kitrios Barracks is a military base situated in the Canyon of the Lost, directly west of The Qira Hive. The large fortress primarily serves as the main location for the General's Orders quest, and is managed by General Lecade. Privates, Sergeants, and other soldiers are found throughout the barracks.

Points of Interest


General's Office is located at the end of the path leading to and through the Kitrios military base. To access it, enter the keep and walk up the stairs just past the dinner table.
Kitrios Town is a small collection of houses and military equipment that the player passes through on their way to the main base.
Kitrios Prison lies underneath the actual fort and is almost completely empty.


Private Tylas

General Lecade

Lieutenant Gren





  • The base's significance or function is not officially mentioned in the game.
  • "Kitrios" is an anagram of Sitriok, a former Wynncraft builder.
  • The prison is accessible post-quest. However, it is advisable to bring some items to open the exit as seen in General's Orders.