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Mob AI or AI for short is a set pattern of behaviors by mobs towards the player or other mobs.



Melee AIs do contact damage as their main form of damage.

  • Melee: Follows player to do melee attack.
  • Berserk: Attacks everything nearby, except other Berserks.
  • Crawl: Move towards player for 1.5-2 seconds, then stop for 1.5-2 seconds.
  • Charge: Charges directly towards player for 1.5 seconds, going past and then turning around, like a rushing bull.
  • Jumper: Like melee, but will jump all the time.
  • Retreat: Will attack normally, but acts Scared whenever hit for 2-3 seconds.
  • Strafe Melee: The mob will attack the player by running around in circles around them.
  • Ambush: The mob will burrow into the ground if the player is far from them, moving quickly underground and emerging when the player is close to them. The mob is invulnerable to damage while burrowing.


Ranged AIs fire projectiles at their target as their main form of damage.

  • Ranged: Follows player and often stops to do ranged attack.
  • Berserk Ranged: Attacks everything, except other BerserkRanged.
  • Burst Ranged: Shoots 10 projectiles at once like a shotgun blast towards player.
  • Rapid Ranged: Shoots 5 projectiles quickly before attackrate delay is factored in.
  • Jumper Ranged: Like Ranged, but will jump all the time.
  • Support: Like protect, only they follow other mobs instead and attack you. Will not follow other supports.


  • None: Only wanders around and idles. If a mob does not move, it is still a None AI mob but with its speed set to 0.
  • Look: Similar to None AI, but will look at the player if they get close.
  • Scared: Will always run away from player.


  • Neutral: Won't attack until attacked first. (Contact damage)
  • NeutralRanged: Won't attack until attacked first. Glitched slightly as it automatically shoots a projectile each time they are hit ignoring normal attack rate. (Projectiles)
  • Revenge Ranged: Won't attack unless it is attacked. It will attack for as many times as it has been attacked. (Projectiles)


  • Guard: Guards and attacks aggressive mobs getting into their vision, then go back to their spot. (Contact damage)
  • GuardRanged: Same as guard, but ranged. (Projectiles)
  • Ally: Similar to guard, but has no specific spot to return to and will just wander. (Contact damage)
  • Protect: Will follow a player and attack hostile mobs if they get close.(Contact damage)


Some mobs also have unique characteristics that give them unique effects.

  • Flying: The mob is immune to gravity.