Sodeta Manor

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Sodeta Manor SiteIcon.png
Delnar Manor.png
A view of Sodeta Manor from the nearby mountains.
Discovery Lore
A prestigious mansion that was once owned by the Sodeta Guild. It is said that the dangerous and powerful Abysso Galoshes were once sealed away here.
Coordinates X: -914, Z: -749
Suggested Level 66
Quest Starts Lost Soles

Sodeta Manor, also known as Delnar Manor is located in the northwest corner of the Dernel Jungle. It is the featured location in the Lost Soles quest, but is otherwise insignificant. The Manor and its quest were added in the 1.13 Wynnter Update as a means to be able to get rid of the quest item Abysso Galoshes. The mansion belongs to the Sodeta Guild, though it has since fallen into disrepair after the guild departed for Gavel.


  • Headset_O, the hybrid GM/Builder who created the Lost Soles quest, also made the mansion.