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Type Hippie?
Location Everywhere
Quest Involved Every Quest
Class Dank Wizard
Level 101


I have recently changed my username to Glitch496. My username on the wiki is incorrect as of now, so please ignore that (if there is any way to change it message me @Glitch496 on the forums).


Hi there! I'm Glitch496, but you can call me Glitch. I love the Wynncraft community, especially the wiki, but I've come to notice that the wiki is severely outdated since the Gavel Expansion. From then, I am fairly active on the wiki and edit things every so often.

Things I do on the Wiki

To help improve the wiki, I plan to

  • create quest pages.
  • create NPC pages.
  • correct any mistakes on any other pages and/or change them to the correct format (such as the NPC format).
  • update any pre-Gavel images that may still be on the wiki.
  • do other miscellaneous things.