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Race Jumla
Location Rodoroc
Class Hunter
Level 98 (97%)
Rank Wiki Helper

Recent Info

I have recently changed my username to Kithgard. My username on the wiki is incorrect as of now, so please ignore that. If you want to message me on the forums i am @TempleOfLegends


Hi there! I'm TempleOfLegends, but you can call me Aaron. I love the Wynncraft community, especially the forums, but I've come to notice that the wiki is severely outdated since the Gavel Expansion.I will try and help the wiki by making/ updating pages as i go along the wiki!

Things I Do On The Wiki

To help improve the wiki, I plan to

  • create NPC pages.
  • correct any mistakes on any other pages and/or change them to my format (such as the NPC format).
  • update any pre-Gavel images that may still be on the wiki.
  • do other miscellaneous things.

--TempleOfLegends (talk)