A Grave Mistake

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A Grave Mistake CBQuestIcon.png
Quest Info
Length Medium
Difficulty Easy
Location The House of Twain
Province Wynn
Combat Level 50
Starter NPC Alem
Required Quest The House of Twain
Reward As follows:

A Grave Mistake is a medium level 50 quest which focuses on The House of Twain's history. This quest was added in the Hallowynn update in 2016.


This quest requires the player to explore the graveyard and solve a series of puzzles.

Note: You cannot start this quest if you have not completed The House of Twain quest.

Stage 1

Twain Graveyard
158, 79, -373
Wynncraft Map

» ., STAY ;. 'AWAY:, .FROM;, ,.; [157,78,-377] ':,


  • Alem: You might want to leave.
  • Alem: There is nothing in this graveyard.
  • Alem: This place is private.
  • New Quest Started: A Grave Mistake

Stage 2

» .;I. ,told;. .,you; :to, .,stay; .away';

  • Alem: I have warned you...
  • A strong spiritual force pulls you towards the graveyard, making it impossible to leave the area any other way than walking.
Spoiler! The hidden text contains spoilers relating to what to do in the graveyard.

There are four locations in the graveyard in which you must complete a puzzle of sorts to trigger a line of dialogue. You can go through the locations in any order you want, and the dialogues will still trigger in the same order.

  • One of the locations is the church at [272, 82, -329]. Go down the stairs across from the entrance and into the lava room at [272, 67, -320]. This will trigger a line of fire particles that open the doors across from the lava room (if the second door does not open, try walking away, using /class, and walking back up to it). At the end of the passage, you will find a room with a strange creature surrounded by a few cultists. One of the four dialogues will trigger soon after you enter.
  • Another of the locations is the house at [288, 84, -409]. Entering the room to the left at [301, 82, -412] will cause a dead body to fall on the floor, with an Abandoned Key item right next to it. You can use the key to open the door right next to the entrance, by throwing it into the hopper at [290, 83, -411]. Then, go up the newly opened stairs, pick up an Attic Key in the room to the right at [290, 90, -414], and go back up the ladder to the left of the stairs to open another door by throwing the key into the hopper at [299, 94, -417]. Entering the attic will trigger a short cutscene with a ghost and one of the four dialogues.
  • Another of the locations is the house at [281, 78, -472]. Going up the stairs to the left, at [293, 78, -482], and into the bedroom, will trigger a short cutscene with some floating books and papers. Walking towards the door opposite the stairs will cause you to fall through the floor and into a stone tunnel. Continue through the tunnel to trigger two cutscenes with skeletons walking towards you - one in the middle, with one skeleton, and one at the end, with eight skeletons on all sides. After the one at the end finishes, one of the four dialogues will trigger.
  • Another of the locations is the house at [251, 75, -489]. Go up the stairs to the right, and pick up the Severed Arm in the bedroom at [236, 88, -489]. Take the Arm all the way down the stairs, and around to the hallway at [242, 75, -478] to cause the hanging skeleton to fall and open another set of stairs with the following dialogue:
    • XXXXXXX: Oh, my arm.. It's ba...
    • Approaching the skeleton without the Arm will instead trigger this dialogue:
    • XXXXXXX: Where di.. my arm.? I need my a... I had it somewh... upstairs?
    • Once the stairs fall down, go up them and towards the altar at [250, 81, -477] to trigger one of the four dialogues.
  • Once you have triggered all four dialogues, you will be taken to a newly opened door at the north end of the graveyard. Enter it to progress.
  • Once, there was a man,
  • who helped the spirits pass on,
  • however he was still
  • mortal.

After completing the sentence, Head to the door at [283, 74, -576] Once you pass through the door you will enter a large dark hallway. In order to pass through the door on the far end, you will need to pick up an Old Crypt Key from the room at [131, 9, 755] and throw it into the hopper at the end of the hallway, at [194, 10, 749].

  • This door appears to be locked. Perhaps a key could be used...

After you open the door at the end, enter it to reach a room with a tomb saying "R.I.P Mael Twain A guide and a friend.". Entering the room will trigger a few lines of dialogue and a cutscene.

  • ???: You were warned not to enter this forsaken place.
  • ???: But since you made it thusfar, I suppose I shall show you the truth...

The cutscene shows a series of clips of the graveyard. First, it shows it in good condition, with Mael Twain helping spirits, however, after Mael dies, it shows the graveyard in its current rotten condition, and the spirits becoming restless.


  • Mael: Do you understand now?
  • Mael: Now leave, and forget the horrors you have witnessed here today...
  • Mael: They are safer here.
  • You can finally take a breath again. Maybe Alem can expain what happened...

Stage 3

» .Return;' to:, 'Alem;,


  • Alem: I have nothing more to say. Take these.
  • The spiritual pull towards the graveyard loses its effect, making travelling easier.


  • This quest is the first one to use a new quest system which has been more used with the Corkus Update.
  • Alem is an anagram of Mael.
  • Trick & Treat can no longer be obtained now that Hallowynn 2016 is over.
  • There are many Easter-eggs hidden inside, such as a graves for the players JaydonTheWarrior (as Naydoj, the Great Warrior), ethanoot (as Nethoote), and Nanomelon. In a room in the house with the attic, there is a music box. When the room is entered, the door will shut and the key will start turning and clicking, eventually getting faster until the music box opens and the Puppet from the Five Nights At Freddy's series will pop out, playing a cat meowing sound.
  • The amount of experience you get from this quest, 66666, is a reference to the number of the devil, 666.
  • There are protruding dark spires from the top of the mountains surrounding the graveyard. It is possible that these are darkness spires related to the Silent Expanse, but they could simply be cursed.
  • At the spot 200, 77, -411 is a Skull that gives the following dialogue:
    • Skull: Ooh.. oh... another victim... Welcome... there is no need for a quick introduction... ... you will have just time enough now...
    • Skull: After all... you just fell into a grave... but, let us make it a little comfortable... where shall I bite first?!