Abyssal Matter

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Abyssal Matter

Type Untradable
Obtain Fishing
Usage Gathering Resource
A map of all Abyssal Matter gathering nodes in the vicinity of Jofash Docks (click to enlarge)

Abyssal Matter is a resource added in the 2.0.3 Lootrun Update. It can be harvested with a
Gathering Rod at level 90
Fishing from undersea debris off the coast of the Jofash Docks, and is converted into various unique, level 90+ Crafting Ingredients when gathered.

Gathering Abyssal Matter

Unlike most gathering resources, Abyssal Matter is exclusively found deep underwater. To avoid drowning, you will often only be able to gather from one node before having to return to the surface for air; this time underwater can be extended significantly by wearing a
Breathing Helmet, using
Depthseeker's Boons, or by healing or finding air pockets.

Also unlike other resources, each Abyssal Matter node has a long cooldown of 180s after being harvested before it can be gathered from again. Each node harvested will be automatically converted into an Ingredient from the list below, with no chance of failure.

A total of 25 Abyssal Matter nodes are found in the waters around the Jofash Docks, alongside numerous
Starfish that can be gathered at level 100
Fishing. They are generally spaced relatively far apart; some are also hidden in black trenches and caves that can make them difficult to find. A single Abyssal Matter can also be found in a pool atop the hill immediately southeast of Jofash.


Item Chance Description

Twisted Coral
~40% Level 90, Tier 0 [✫✫✫] ingredient.

Sunken Scales
~37% Level 90, Tier 0 [✫✫✫] ingredient.

Angler's Light
~10% Level 91, Tier 1 [✫✫] ingredient.

Deepborn Scavenger
~9% Level 91, Tier 1 [✫✫] ingredient.

Bioluminescent Blood
~2% Level 92, Tier 2 [✫✫] ingredient.
EpipelagicEye.png Epipelagic Eye ~1% Level 92, Tier 2 [✫✫] ingredient.

Fathomflooded Flesh
~1% Level 93, Tier 3 [✫✫✫] ingredient.

Depthseeker's Boon
~0.2% Consumable item.