Accessory Merchant (Wynnter Fair)

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Limited Time Event: This article covers an event that lasted for a limited period of time before ending.
The event's content will no longer be accessible after it has ended, but collectibles and cosmetics earned by the player will persist.

Accessory Merchant
Type Accessory Merchant
Location Wynnter Fair
Coordinates X: -936, Z: 16452
Total 2 Merchants

The Accessory Merchants are a pair of reward merchants found in the Wynnter Fair near Lusuco. The Fair is run each winter, most recently coinciding with the 2023 Festival of the Blizzard, which ran from 15th December, 2023 through 7th January, 2024.

The Accessory Merchants sell various exclusive Accessories, including the Wynnterfest 2016 Set, in exchange for CraftmasGift(New).png Craftmas Gifts obtained from Wynnter Fair activities. These items can also be bought year-round for
Emeralds from the Wynnter 2016 and Wynnter 2017 Merchants on Craftmas Island.