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Wynnter Fair SiteIcon.png
Coordinates X: -331, Z: -791
Standard Merchants
Armour Merchant Level 40-95
Weapon Merchant Level 45-95
Other Merchants Emerald Merchant
Accessory Merchant
Trinket Merchant
Cookie Merchant
Tree Merchant
Pig Puck Merchant
Other Amenities Bank
Party Finder
Event Airship
Wynnter Fair Poster.png

The Wynnter Fair, sometimes known as Wynnterfest, is a holiday event held annually since 2016. The Fair is located in North Lusuco, high in the mountains of Wynn Province, and features numerous minigames and merchants selling unique rewards.

The North Lusuco area can be accessed year-round through a path from the upper level of Lusuco in the Ice Canyon. While the Fair is running, it can also be accessed via the Event Airship in the Detlas Airbase. Most recently, the fair coincided with the 2022 Festival of the Blizzard, which ran from 9th December, 2022 until 2nd January, 2023.

Points of Interest


Most of the Wynnter Fair merchants sell exclusive items in exchange for CraftmasGift.png Craftmas Gifts, which can be obtained by playing the various minigames at the Fair. Additionally, however, the Weapon, Armour, and Accessory merchants at the Fair each have counterparts on Isles of Fiction who sell their items for
Emeralds, making them available year-round.



Several unique minigames are available during the Wynnter Fair, including solo, team and competetive activities. These minigames are the primary source of CraftmasGift.png Craftmas Gifts used to purchase rewards from the Fair. Each minigame can be accessed by speaking to the corresponding Minigame Expert around the Wynnter Fair hub.

  • Parkour awards 12 Gifts for the first completion, and 9 Gifts for every subsequent completion.

  • Santa Says awards up to 16 Gifts, depending on your performance.

  • Thin Ice awards 8 Gifts to the last surviving player. This minigame rotates with Dodge 'Em every 48 hours.

  • Dodge 'Em awards 8 Gifts to the winning player. This minigame rotates with Thin Ice every 48 hours.

  • Pig Puck can be played at the ice rink near the Lusuco entrance to the Fair. Unlike the other minigames, Pig Puck is available year-round, and does not award any Gifts.

Fair Minigames


Parkour SiteIcon.png
Parkour (Wynnter Fair 2019).png
Reward 12 Craftmas Gifts for the first run
9 Craftmas Gifts for the rest runs
Other Information
Only on Wynnter Fair season

Parkour: Complete the path full of challenging jumps and innovative mechanics to get gifts.

The parkour consists of 3 checkpoints. Make sure you go through them to save your progress.

Note: You will need to get all three checkpoints to finish the parkour, if you skipped a checkpoint you'll have to start over from the last checkpoint you have. The difficulty of the parkour is medium.

  • Stage 1: There are two parts, the first is normal and ice jumps. The second is ice jumps and moving blocks.
  • Stage 2: There are two parts, the first part is to move to the arrow carpet and it will push you to another platform. The second part is getting the speed by moving to the icon and going in a straight line.
  • Stage 3: There are four parts, the first part is normal jumps, the second part is jumping using the jump boost from the icon and bounce on slime block. The third part is jumping on ice. The last part has the arrow carpet and small jumps.
  • Stage 4: There are three parts, the first and second part are moving blocks. The third is the arrow carpet.

Dodge 'Em

Dodge 'Em SiteIcon.png
Dodge 'Em.png
Reward 6 Craftmas Gifts to the Hunter
3 Craftmas Gifts to the Survivor
Requirements 3 Players
Other Information
Only on Wynnter Fair season

Dodge 'Em: Avoid getting hit by the icicles or try making your friends fall off of the platform in a group of up to 10 people.

Beware of the Hunter! At the start of each game, a hunter is randomly selected. The other must survive for 60 seconds without being pushed off.

The Hunter can face the beacon to activate the ice, it will extend 11 blocks forward to push the players out of the platform.

Thin Ice

Thin Ice SiteIcon.png
Thin Ice.png
Reward 8 Craftmas Gifts to the Survivor
Requirements 3 Players
Other Information
Only on Wynnter Fair season

Thin Ice (Pink): Run with your friends and try to be the last one standing on the snowflake.

The floor is melting, don't stop running! Play with 3-7 other players for a harder challenge. The last player left running is awarded gifts.

There is a stage where you can observe the playground, it has the barriers as a floor to help on getting a better view.

Pig Puck

Pig Puck SiteIcon.png
Pig Puck.png
Other Information
Only on Wynnter Fair season

Pig Puck: Join one of the two teams and fight for the pig in this ice hockey inspired minigame.

A game like ice hockey but with a pig as a puck! There are two teams that compete against each other to win.

The NPC will teleport you to the front of the Pig Puck arena. There is a set of holograms that briefly explains how to play:

Holographic Text:

  • Welcome to
  • Pig Puck
  • A game like ice hockey but, with a pig as a puck!
  • There are two teams that compete against each other to win.

To play, just attack the pig and it'll fly in the direction opposite to you. Try getting it into your opponent's goal, which is at the base of one of the trees. The arena will keep score as long as players are inside of it.

You can buy colored team sets from the merchant in front of the arena, but they're not needed to play.

If the pig gets stuck, it will despawn after a short time and a new one will spawn.

Santa Says

Santa Says SiteIcon.png
Other Information
Only on Wynnter Fair season

Santa Says is a minigame which can be played alone or with up to 3 players. This minigame involves the players working together to help Santa do up to 6 various tasks to prepare for Craftmas.

Up to 16 Craftmas Gifts can be earned through this minigame. For info on all of the separate tasks that need to be completed, see the page for this minigame.


  • In previous years, other Wynnter Fair activities have included the Avalanche minigame, which had the player helping Lusuco prepare for an oncoming Avalanche, and an unnamed minigame in 2016 which had the player collect presents for Santa by avoiding fences and getting presents as they came from a structure resembling him.
  • Despite the fair area being called "North Lusuco", the entrance to it is actually located south of Lusuco proper, while its true location in the map is in the mountains slightly north of the Great Bridge and closer to both Troms and Nesaak than Lusuco.
  • If you travel there outside of Wynnterfest, all you'll see is a Pig Puck arena and an empty fairground. Loot chests will not spawn, but pots will. 2 Lusuco Citizen NPCs will also appear, saying that it will return next winter.
  • The large presents are hollow, allowing NPCs to spawn inside of them.



Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
PigPuck.png Pig Puck 1 999999 None - - - Wynnter Fair
ElusiveElf.png Elusive Elf 40 440 Scared - - 2-9 CraftmasGift.png Craftmas Gifts Wynnter Fair
RagniCitizen(Male,WynnterFair).png Ragni Citizen 1 15000 Passive - - - Wynnter Fair
NemractCitizen(Male,WynnterFair).png Nemract Citizen 20 22000 Passive - - - Wynnter Fair
AlmujCitizen(Female,WynnterFair).png Almuj Citizen 30 26000 Passive - - - Wynnter Fair
NesaakCitizen(BlueClothing,WynnterFair).png Nesaak Citizen 40 35000 Passive - - - Wynnter Fair
LusucoCitizen(Moustache,WynnterFair).png Lusuco Citizen 45 20000 Passive - - - Wynnter Fair
TromsCitizen(Male,WynnterFair).png Troms Citizen 50 45000 Passive - - - Wynnter Fair
CorkusCitizen(Male,WynnterFair).png Corkus Citizen 80 20000 Passive - - - Wynnter Fair