Ahmsord Absinthe

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Ahmsord Absinthe
Rarity Unique
Charges 2
Min. Level 85
Effects  •  +Blindness Effect
 •  -50% Spell Damage
 •  -900 Health Regen
 •  +35% Spell Damage
 •  +550 Health Regen
Duration 180 seconds (3:00)
Cooldown 180 seconds (3:00)
Obtain Jofash Docks Tavern
A bottled drink native to Ahmsord... What is even in this?

Ahmsord Absinthe is a Unique alcoholic Potion originating from Ahmsord. It can be purchased from the Tavern Owner in Jofash Docks for 18
Emerald Blocks each.

Each bottle of Ahmsord Absinthe holds 2 charges, and requires combat level 85 to drink. When used, it gives the player the Blindness effect for 15 seconds; additionally, it gives penalties and, later, boosts to Spell Damage and raw Health Regen. For ease of reference, a timeline is included below to demonstrate the net penalties/boosts of the Absinthe at any given time after drinking it:

  • 0:00 — -350 Health Regen, -15% Spell Damage, Blindness
  • 0:15 — -350 Health Regen, -15% Spell Damage
  • 0:45 — -350 Health Regen, +35% Spell Damage
  • 1:10 — +550 Health Regen, +35% Spell Damage
  • 1:40 — +35% Spell Damage

The last effects of the Absinthe wear off 3 minutes after drinking it; afterwards, it can be drunk again after a 3-minute cooldown.