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Ahmsord CityIcon.png
A screenshot of Ahmsord
Discovery Lore
The central city of the Sky Islands, Ahmsord is home to the wealthiest of traders, and the most revered of adventurers.
Coordinates X: 1050, Z: -4600
Suggested Level 100
Standard Merchants
Armour Merchant Level 97 - 100
Weapon Merchant Level 98
Potion Merchant Level 90, 95, 100
Other Merchants Scroll Merchant
Wig Merchant
Literature Merchant
Siegfried Fan Item Merchant
Other Amenities Bank
Item Identifier
Powder Master
Quest Starts One Thousand Meters Under
Recipe For Disaster
The Hero of Gavel
Involved Quests Royal Trials

Ahmsord is a large level 100 city near the edge of the Sky Islands biome. It is currently the highest level city in the Gavel Province and second highest in the game, as well as the trickiest and most dangerous to venture to. It is tethered to several sky islands (so even the city itself is quite dangerous, as falling off means death) and is divided into 4 main sections, each connected by bridges. The city contains most common merchants and amenities such as the Armour Merchant, Weapon Merchant and Potion Merchant, along with some exclusive ones such as the Wig Merchant and Literature Merchant. It is also fairly close to its neighboring city on the side of the Canyon of the Lost, Kandon-Beda. There are two known tier 1 loot chests located in the city.


Some centuries after the Fracturing of the Ahms Region by hand of the Ahms Colossus, a new group of pirates named the Skyraiders moved into the fractured Ahms Region, now named the Sky Islands.[1] They adapted to the environment thanks to their use of airships, which allowed them to establish complete control over the region, and established Ahmsord as their main base of operations.[2]

Around 573 AP, due to the Dwarves opening a tunnel between the islands and the Molten Heights, the Skyraiders' power started dwindling, as air traffic got scarce.[1] Thus, when the Villagers arrived in the Sky Islands to conquer and settle it, the Skyraiders were forced to abandon Ahmsord, and Ahmsord became a Villager city,[2] growing into the massive hub for heroes and adventurers that it is today.


Ahmsord Aerial.png

Points of interest



Crafting Stations

  • A Jeweling station can be found in the East parts of the Bank.
  • A Woodworking station is next to the Jeweling station.
  • A Tailoring station is next to the Woodworking and Jeweling stations.
  • A Weaponsmithing station is on the southwest edge of the flag circle, next to a Blacksmith.
  • An Armouring station is on the other side of the Blacksmith, close to the Weaponsmithing station.
  • An Alchemism station is next to the Armouring station, on the south side of the circle.
  • A Scribing station is just East of the Alchemism station on the edge of the circle.


Chef Hamsey

Help Wanted

The Secretary

Scientist Ynnos

Ahmsord Citizens


  • "Ahmsord" is a partial anagram of ElectricHamsLord, which is the original Minecraft username of the builder and CT Manager Hams_.
  • Alongside the Ahmsord Citizens that roam the city, level 75 Adventurer and level 101 Hero NPCs can also be found. The level of the Hero NPC may be a slight reference to players exceeding the previous level cap of 100, which has occurred in Wynncraft's history.