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Item Lore
Soul-locking magic is one outlawed by Gavellian governments, only used by the most insidious and cruel of mages. One such enchantment looms dormant in this mundane-looking maul. Continued usage of the weapon threatens to release it upon the wielder, permanently binding them to the weapon.
Item Information
Item Spear
Class Warrior/Knight
Min. Level 94
Rarity Mythic
Obtain Loot Chests
Mob Drop
Base Damage
Attack Speed Super Slow (-3)
Earth 1350-1500
Strength Min: 110

Alkatraz is a Mythic spear, requiring a minimum level of 94 to wield. It has the highest base Earth damage of any weapon, but also negates any other elemental damage you may deal; this makes it next to useless against mobs who heavily resist Earth. It trades agility and attack speed for its extreme damage output. It is often used alongside attack tier boosting items such as Centipede and Chestplate of Ineptitude.


It costs 1782 Emeralds to identify Alkatraz.

Identification Minimum Value Maximum Value
 Strength   ~  +40
 Dexterity   ~  -10
 Intelligence   ~  -10
 Defense   ~  -10
 Agility   ~  -10
 Exploding   +12%  +52%
 % Main Attack Damage   +12%  +52%
 % Earth Damage   +12%  +52%


  • Alkatraz is one of only five known Mythic-tier Spears released with the Gavel Expansion.
  • Alkatraz' name is a reference to the former American penitentiary, Alcatraz, located in the San Francisco Bay.