Almuj Citizen

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Almuj Citizen
NPC Info
X: 940 Z: -2020
Location Almuj
Quest Involved A Sandy Scandal

Almuj Citizen is a citizen of Almuj who was robbed by Bandit Leader. During the quest A Sandy Scandal, immediately after the robbery, he reports it to the Almuj Bank Guard, who requests that the player goes to investigate the robbery scene. Almuj Citizen mentions that a lot of their gold was stolen, indicating they were likely wealthy.


Robbed House
930, 75, -2034
Wynncraft Map


  • Almuj Citizen: Hello? Are you with the guards? Good! Hurry! Some bandits just ransacked my house, and left with lots of emeralds!
  • Almuj Citizen: Follow me to my house, hopefully you can find the bandits! They stole lots of my precious gold!