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Item Lore
Llevigar's schools of wizardry are notorious for their difficult training regimens. These leg plates, forcing users to balance spellcasting with direct combat, are often cited as the tipping point for successful wizards.
Item Information
Item Gold Leggings
Min. Level 32
Rarity Legendary
Obtain Loot Chests
Mob Drop
Base Defenses
Health Bonus +250
Earth -5
Thunder +5
Water -10
Dexterity Min: 20

Alternator is a pair of level 32 Legendary Leggings. It can be found in Loot Chests or dropped by mobs of level 28 to 36.


It costs 189 Emeralds to identify Alternator.

Identification Minimum Value Maximum Value
 Mana Regen   -19/5s  -10/5s
 Mana Steal   +4/3s  +16/3s
 Loot Bonus   +2%  +9%
 % Spell Damage   +6%  +25%
  Main Attack Damage   +16  +68
 % Thunder Damage   +3%  +14%
 % Water Damage   -19%  -10%