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Llevigar CityIcon.png
The quartz city of Llevigar.
Discovery Lore
The city of Llevigar is the first sight adventurers see in Gavel. It was built using quartz mined from the nearby Karoc Quarry. It is the most advanced city in Gavel.
Coordinates X: -2024, Z: -4395
Suggested Level 40
Standard Merchants
Armour Merchant Level 40-44
Weapon Merchant Level 39-46
Potion Merchant Level 35, 40, 45
Other Merchants Scroll Merchant
Emerald Merchant
Liquid Emerald Merchant
Other Amenities Bank
Item Identifier
Powder Master
Quest Starts Heart of Llevigar
Clearing the Camps
Involved Quests Pirate's Trove
The Hero of Gavel

Llevigar is a major Villager city in Gavel and it is the first one that players encounter upon entering the province. Constructed almost entirely out of quartz, the rich city is a key port and a good place to rest before traveling ahead into the slightly less hospitable Llevigar Plains. The city itself has a mirrored design and is incredibly complex, with its upper levels containing numerous towers, spires, and domes, each of which hold numerous rooms full of many more secrets, such as records of various locations across the land and concealed prisons for holding the province's dangerous enemies. It is one of the richer towns in Gavel, far larger and many times grander than its nearest neighbor, the crumbling and aged town of Olux in the swamp.


It is implied that Llevigar was founded by the monarchy of Gavel during or immediately after their conquest of the west of the province. Evidence of this stems from documents in The Grand Archive mentioning "the conquest of the west". As such, Llevigar is likely a newer city in Gavel, at least compared to Cinfras.

Before the mages of Mage Island calmed the waves of the Ocean a hundred years ago,[1] Llevigar was most likely a simple, small city near the Gavellian coast. Officials from the city would often send out miners to excavate emeralds around the Llevigar Plains,[2] however, as emerald deposits ran dry and the Decay began approaching the city, the citizens of Llevigar became desperate and, once ocean travel became possible, set sail across the Ocean, where they found Wynn.[3]

The Villagers soon made an alliance with the Humans of Wynn and, as adventurers and traders from the new province approached Gavel, Llevigar was rebuilt using quartz from Karoc Quarry, turning into a massive city of quartz and the icon of the province, even hosting a university and a library.[1]

However, the abundance of quartz in the city has also led to some malicious experiments on their nature, and attempts to weaponize the mineral. One of these experiments, Project Quartron, seems to be run by corrupt officials from Karoc Quarry and Llevigar, in an attempt to create a quartz-powered robot.[4][5]



Points of interest


  • The Southern Entrance of Llevigar is the immense Gavel Gate. Further south of the gate is the Llevigar Port, a small port on the edge of the vast Ocean.
  • The Northern Entrance of Llevigar points towards the distant town of Olux and the nearer plains.


  • Bank - A large building on the highest tier of the city, overlooking the Ocean.
  • Scroll Shop - A building built into the rest of the city around it, in Llevigar's west wing.
  • Potion Shop - A stall near the entrance to the gardens under the university building.
  • Armour and Weapon Shops - Both lie in a stall in the eastern wing of the city.
  • Identifier's Tower - A section of the University where the Llevigar Identifier stands.
  • Llevigar Power Control - An electrical laboratory overseeing the Power Plant, run by Zenam.
  • Llevigar Prison - A prison complex below the Justice Building.
  • The Justice Building - A large building complex in the west wing.
  • The University - A large building in the east wing, mirroring the Justice Building.




  • "Llevigar" is an anagram of "Villager", referencing the prime existence of the Villager race in Gavel.
  • Llevigar is the only other city besides Ragni and Cinfras that has an accessible sewer system.
  • For a while after the Gavel Update, the door would slowly "throw itself down" when a player approached it, to create an impression on new players. It was likely removed after a while because waiting for the door to open could be tedious and laggy.