Amadel's Assistant

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Amadel's Assistant
NPC Info
X: -4130 Z: -369
Location Ancient City
Quest Involved WynnExcavation Site D

Amadel's Assistant is an NPC in the quest WynnExcavation Site D. He challenges the player before they fight Amadel, claiming that Amadel is sure to win. During the fight, he functions as a token collector, giving dialogue that updates the quest book after the player defeats each successive phase of Amadel.


Ancient City
-4130, -369

Before the player faces Amadel, they will come across Amadel's Assistant guarding the portal in Ancient City. To find the assistant during this stage all the player needs to do is to follow the mossy road leading through the city.
During the Amadel fight stages, the assistant can be found standing next to the gates leading to the next stages.