Ancient City

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Ancient City RegionIcon.png
Access Points WynnExcavation Site D
Dernel Jungle
Suggested Level 70

Ancient City is the name of an old abandoned city that was home to those Olm that managed to flee from captivity in Dern. The city, however, fell into ruin after its inhabitants went insane[1]. Currently, the city's only purpose is its involvement in the WynnExcavation Site D quest.

Points of Interest


  • Ruined House is a quite well-kept ruin showing what an Olmic house might have looked like when the city was alive.
  • Crystal Spikes is a site nearby the ruined house and next to the main road where four giant spikes have grown to form a curious structure. Each spike represents a color of the crystal shards the WynnExcavation have been investigating.
  • Mossy Road There is a main road running through the entire Ancient City region; starting from the spot where the player first spawns, going all the way to where Amadel's Assistant is waiting on top of the hill. The road is distinguishable by its mossy cobblestone.
  • Portal to Amadel At the end of the main road is the portal leading to WynnExcavation Leader Amadel.


Amadel's Assistant


Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
Olm(Hostile).png Olm 75 7850 Melee AI Teleport ✤Weak
- Ancient City
CorruptedOlm.png Corrupted Olm 75 7050 Charge AI Self Destruct ✤Weak
- Ancient City
OlmicGeist.png Olmic Geist 75 6675 Ranged AI Teleport ✤Weak
- Ancient City
RunicCrystal.png Runic Crystal 80 44500 Ranged AI Flamethrower ✦Def - Ancient City
Enthralled.png Enthralled 70 1200 Melee AI Heavy Charge ✤Weak
- Ancient City
Olm(Passive).png Olm 75 11000 None AI - ✤Weak
- Ancient City


  • Quite a lot of fast moving mobs spawn in the region so it is advisable to bring a horse or make use of movement spells to quickly reach the end of the road.


  • Although the majority of the mobs found in the city region are hostile, quite a few friendly Olm spawn at specific points within the city itself.
  • The Ancient City is one of three currently known sites created by the Olm.
  • Several signs in the region can be found that were written by the Olm themselves and illustrate their gradual descent into madness.
  • Before 1.20, the original inhabitants were the Ancients, presumably an early version of the Olm.