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Removed Content
The following page contains information about content that no longer exists in Wynncraft as of update 1.17 and has been archived for historical purposes.

Angry Village CBQuestIcon.png
Quest Info
Length Short
Difficulty {{{difficulty}}}
Location Ternaves
Province Wynn
Combat Level 26
Starter NPC Torold
Reward As follows:

The Angry Village was an easy level 26 quest that was centered around Ternaves and the Corrupted Village. It was removed in the 1.17 Dungeons & Discoveries Update.


The inhabitants of village have gone insane from the effects of having the portal to the Nether near the village. However, one villager, Lekal has remained sane, and is hiding out in the village, but he is running out of supplies. He needs the player to help him get some food and drink.

Stage 1

» Talk to Torold in Ternaves.


  • Torold: Oh, I am so glad to see you! You couldn't have come up at a better time...
  • Torold: Something horrible happened to a village nearby! Everyone suddenly fell into madness...
  • Torold: My friend Lekal was at the village when it happend. I don't know if he is safe in there.
  • Torold: If he is, he probably is hiding from all the villagers. Would you mind finding him? He might need food, or something.
  • Torold: Follow the road towards west-south, you will find the village. Be careful!

Stage 2

» Find where Lekal is hidden in the Corrupted Village.


  • Lekal: Who are you? Why aren't you corrupted like all the others?
  • Lekal: Oh! I didn't think adventurers still entered this town...
  • Lekal: Everything went crazy a few days ago, I had to hide down here. Please pardon me for the difficult path I've created.
  • Lekal: This village was a fine and popular area amongst adventurers, until they found this cursed nether portal!
  • Lekal: The monsters started invading the whole province! And slowly the area got corrupted with madness and despair.
  • Lekal: I am glad to see you. It seems like Ragni's King is finally doing something.
  • Lekal: Anyway, I greatly need food. I can't come out, as most of them would kill me.
  • Lekal: Bring me [1 Potion of Drunkness] and [5 Potato], this will let me survive for a few days. That's all I need.

Stage 3

» Bring 1 Potion of Drunkness and 5 Potatoes to Lekal.


  • Lekal: I am glad to see that you could make it.
  • Lekal: You got everything, fantastic! I got a few emeralds to pay you back, please take them.
  • Lekal: Thank you very much for your he- Oh! Look, this one potato already got corrupted...
  • Lekal: I better leave quickly before it happens to me...


  • This quest includes parkour which can be considered difficult.
  • Bring a potion of drunkness and 5 potatoes before heading there so you don't need to do the parkour twice.


  • After much complaint about the inability of warriors and assassins to escape the lava that you end up in if you fall off the parkour without /killing, ladders were added.