Animal Dungeon

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Removed Content
The following page contains information about content that no longer exists in Wynncraft as of update 1.14.1 and has been archived for historical purposes.

Animal Dungeon CBDungeonIcon.png
Animal Dungeon
Coordinates X: -263, Z: -1045
Suggested Level 24
Monsters Angry Chicken Level 21
Angry Pig Level 24
Burned Sheep Level 26
Boss Lava Cow Level 36
Battle 20%
Puzzle 30%
Parkour 50%

This dungeon has been reworked in the Gameplay Update and is now called Lost Sanctuary.


The Animal Dungeon is one of the harder dungeons to complete, due to a large amount of parkour located within. The dungeon is recommended to players that are level 24 or higher. In order to complete the dungeon, there are 3 stages within the dungeon to complete. Level 21 Angry Chickens, level 24 Angry Pigs and level 26 Burned Sheep spawn within the dungeon, dealing large amounts of damage to the players. They are quite slow, however, so if the player moves a lot the mobs shouldn't damage them as much.


Phase 1


The first phase is a simple puzzle; there are 3 buttons. North, south, and east. To press the following buttons, the player has to do an easy parkour. If they fail the parkour, there are stairs to go back up and restart it. However, there will be some angry cows waiting for the player if they fail the parkour. Once the player presses all the buttons, in the center of the parkour area, there will be an open hole to fall in. Above the buttons a timer shows how much time the player has to press the remaining buttons, if a timer runs out, the button that the timer belongs to needs to be pressed again before the hole opens.

Phase 2


The second phase is a long parkour. Once the player lands in the water, there will be a big tree to parkour on, to get to the parkour, the player simply has to climb the roots of the tree. Once the player completes the parkour, there will be another one where you have to parkour on big stalactites.

Phase 3

The third phase contains some battling. There are burned sheep that try to attack the player so they must be ready for a fight if they are a low level. At the end of the long room, the boss room will be waiting for the player.

Boss Phase

This dungeon's boss is a level 36 Lava Cow with 4400 health points. The cow is quite slow, but shoots fireballs at the player, dealing about 100 damage. The fight is very buggy at the moment, if you blast the cow out of the square marked with black wool, you can't attack it anymore since you can't walk out of the square yourself. Besides that the boss fight often doesn't teleport you, you sometimes need to kill it twice before being teleported out of the dungeon and receiving your rewards.


  • The Animal Dungeon is the only dungeon in which the recommended level is not a multiple of 9.


Video Walkthrough

NOTE: The player in this walkthrough is a HIGH LEVEL, and makes combat more simple. If you are attempting this dungeon at level 9-20, be careful as mobs will be harder to kill and have more hp.