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NPC Info
X: -624 Z: -5156
Species Villager
Location Dark Forest Village
Quest Involved Hollow Serenity

Ann is a resident of the Dark Forest Village, involved in the level 73 quest Hollow Serenity. She is found next to a cart in the center of the village, with her more reserved husband, Qunit. She can be spoken to while investigating a man named Garvan who once lived nearby; Qunit and Ann share the same dialogue.


  • Ann: Hello soldier! Welcome to this... hick village. I presume the neighbor's kid has been stealing apples again, hmm?
  • Qunit: Oh, Ann... Your voice is so delicate, so soothing that- Ah, soldier! Are you here for something... or someone?
  • Ann & Qunit: What do you need?
    • [1] Goodbye.
    • [2] Who are you?
      • Ann: My name is Ann!
      • Qunit: I'm Qunit.
      • Ann: We're the best couple in the entire forest! Nobody can match our love!
      • Qunit: Do you have someone special to you like we are, human? A handsome little man? Or a pretty little woman? Or... neither? We won't judge.
    • [3] Are you married?
      • Ann: Absolutely we're married! Everyone finds it very hard to believe, but I don't blame them! It's a tough would... we... live in, yes!
      • Qunit: Four years it has been, since we kissed under the starry sky amidst the blossoming fields near Aldorei. I can still see it in my dreams...
      • Ann: Yeah, what Qunit said! We've been married for 4 years! And soon that number is gonna go up to infinity!
    • [4] Why do you live in this town?
      • Qunit: Be quiet.
      • Ann: Oh! Sorry about Qunit, he doesn't like thinking about our... circumstances.
      • Ann slowly whispers to you...
      • Ann: We're in heavy debt to the government. We can't afford to live anywhere else.
      • Ann: This forest is also safe from their prying eyes, which has inarguably caused certain... opinions to fester here...
      • Ann: Yeah, yeah! It doesn't matter why we're here, soldier! Haha! We're here, and we love each other! That's all that matters. Yes.
    • [5] Have you heard of any rumors lately?
      • Qunit: Yes, actually. There's something dark to the north. There are parasites in it. It's dangerous.
      • Ann: O-oh! Don't worry about what Qunit's saying. He's been having this recurring dream of a big worm creature laying dark eggs inside of a weird cave. He won't let it go, either!
      • Qunit: It's not a fantasy, Ann. I've told you this.
      • Ann: Shh, honey... we'll talk about this later, not in front of the soldier... Who probably has much more important things to do, hah!
    • [6] Do you know anyone by the name of Garvan?[1]
      • Ann: Nope.
      • Qunit: No.
      • Ann: See? We're both on the same wavelength! Neither of us have met this person! We're... so in love, darling...
      • Qunit: Yes...


  1. Available while investigating the village during Hollow Serenity.