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This page contains spoilers. Readers are discouraged from continuing if they want to discover features by themselves.

Garvan, the Wanderer
Species Villager Spirit
Level 95
Health 205,000
AI Type Burst Ranged
Abilities Meteor, Heavy Arrow Storm, Heavy Wave, Heavy Push, Explode, Spiritual Strike, Energy Slash, Miasma Pool, Darkness Wall, Spirit Discharge
Location Faltach Catacombs
Crowd Control Immunities
Knockback Immunity
Blindness Immunity
Slowness Immunity

Garvan, also known as The Wanderer, is a major character in the Kander Forest quest, Hollow Serenity. He also serves as the boss of the quest.


Garvan was once a Villager scientist who was hired by the Faltach family of the Kander Forest, who were a family of nobles who had a central role to the region's politics, to research the cryptic Decay. Over time, he and Katarin, the wife of Yorman Faltach, got into a romantic relationship, eventually having a daughter, Eileen, and binding his and Katarin's souls to a gemstone. He grew fascinated with the Decay, noting how it did not violently alter anything that was touched by it, rather just removing something in a coordinated manner, suspecting that a living creature was behind it. However, he became obsessed with finding the beings behind the Decay, and eventually saw to it that the Decay was actually a blessing sent by divine intervention, and became acquainted with a faction that sought to restore the Gavellian Monarchy. Eventually, he found the true cause of the Decay, the Dernmites living underneath the ground of the Dark Forests. He conducted studies to truly confirm that they are the true cause of the Decay, thanking his new acquaintances for the discovery.

Due to Garvan acting more and more erratic and bizarre by the day, and also due to little progress being made on a cure, Yorman saw to it that Garvan would halt his work immediately. However, Katarin defended Garvan, claiming that Yorman was too impatient and that the Decay was barely studied on. Katarin would later meet up with Garvan, who talked about how they are struggling to prevent Yorman from executing him. However, they end up calm about the situation. Garvan said that Eileen is far more than what Katarin thinks of her as, and that she will be the perfect heir to the royal family.

Garvan would later set up a research outpost in what is now the ruins of Old Lexdale. In there, he had a Dernic Parasite, and after bringing Eileen to the outpost, would later bind the parasite to her body. Garvan would later return to the Faltach Manor where he told Katarin that Eileen would live forever. Katarin was shocked, thinking Garvan had bound her soul to the gemstone that also had the souls of himself and his love, but Garvan instead said that she would need time for the parasite to work its effects, thinking that he had at last found a cure. Katarin became furious at him, however, yelling at him about what he did to her daughter. Garvan said that he went a little out of line, to which Katarin said that he was not at all the same person she once knew.

In his laboratory, Garvan would later be talked to by the leader of the faction, who he said that the faction has already ruined him, but the Mysterious Leader instead asks of Eileen's whereabouts. Garvan refuses to tell the leader where Eileen is, but is punished when a villager soldier attacks him, although Garvan fights the soldier instead. The leader chastises Garvan for defying the faction. Garvan later confesses to where Eileen is, at the Faltach Manor with Katarin. The leader then orders the rest of the faction to storm the manor, leaving anyone at the manor and any witnesses of the event dead. Garvan yells at the leader to stop, threatening to kill the leader.

Later, after the events that occurred at the Faltach Manor, Garvan runs into the manor to find Katarin's corpse in the study, becoming angry for why he did not try to stop it. He later says that it cannot end like the way it will, and so he puts Katarin's corpse in the Faltach catacombs, while also leaving the gemstone behind by the grave as well. Feeling nothing but pure guilt, Garvan tried to forget everything, even his own name, he ignored Katarin's spirit calling out for him, demanding he return to her, and as he puts it, became a nobody, having no purpose, wandering the forest pretending as if nothing had ever happened, becoming known as the Wanderer.

Ever since he tried to forget everything about his past life, Garvan would become a common tale told by the citizens of Kander, being a person who just wanders throughout the forest, interacting with no one, not even the most eldritch creatures that inhabit the forest.

Hollow Serenity

In the quest, Hollow Serenity, Garvan is seen as a hooded figure occasionally watching the player. Eventually, after finding out that Garvan bound a parasite to Eileen, Garvan reveals his identity to the player. After Garvan tells the end of his story to the player, he says he will make things right, running away from the player and up to the master bedroom within the manor. In there, Garvan finds Katarin's spirit, rejoiced at how much he missed her, asking for forgiveness. However, Katarin's spirit refuses to let Garvan embrace her, coldly telling him that forgiveness is not an option for her, and asks Garvan where the gemstone is. Garvan is relieved to know that Katarin's wish is simple, and tells her that it is in the catacombs. However, after telling Katarin this, she lunges towards Garvan, suffocating him to death. Katarin then yells in a furious manner that Garvan did nothing but ruin her life.

In the Faltach Catacombs, a furious Katarin is ravaging the area, demanding Garvan to tell her where the gemstone is. The player guides Katarin to the gemstone, and Katarin is relieved to see it, preparing to embrace to move on to the heavens, Garvan's spirit emerges off of his corpse, telling Katarin that she won't escape, and that their love was meant to be eternal. Katarin tries to attack Garvan, but he instead knocks her back past the catacombs. His spirit then rushes towards the player, saying that they were nothing more than an intruder making the wrong choice, and if the player refuses to forgive him, then he will erase any proof of their existence, and that nothing will remember them once they disappear.

After defeating Garvan, he then pleads with the player not to destroy the gemstone, asking why won't the player forgive him. After destroying the gemstone, and when they do, Garvan disappears in a puff of smoke. Soon after, Katarin will also disappear, either having her last moments be of rage or relief, and the player will bury Garvan's corpse with Katarin's, putting a red tulip atop their grave to signal the true end of the Faltachs.


Garvan, The Wanderer, is the main boss of Hollow Serenity.

Garvan has 205,000 HP and Burst Ranged AI, which will cause him to fire out a large inaccurate cloud of projectiles for his main attack. He is immune to all forms of Crowd Control, and also has damages and defenses in Water and Thunder. He also has a vast array of normal and script spells. His normal spells include Meteor, Heavy Arrow Storm, Heavy Wave, Heavy Push, and Explode. His script spells include Spiritual Strike, Energy Slash, Miasma Pool, Darkness Wall, and Spirit Discharge.

Meteor will cause him to lob a projectile to the player if they are within range, dealing a large amount of damage if they are hit by it. Heavy Arrow Storm will fire 30 projectiles, 3 at a time, at a rapid pace in an inaccurate conical shape. Heavy Wave will cause a wave of water to appear that knocks the player back a considerable amount of times. Heavy Push will cause the player to be moved away from him if they are within 24 blocks from him. Explode will cause a small explosion to occur at his location, which also decently knocks back the player if they are caught in it.

Spiritual Strike will cause an area of the arena to have white particles in it, which deals damage to whoever is caught within it. Energy Slash will cause a pillar of white particles to appear on Garvan before having purple lines flow in a straight path directly from his side to the other side of the arena, dealing damage if the player is caught within the lines. Miasma Pool is the pool of miasma that constantly surrounds Garvan and deals true damage if the player is caught within it. Darkness Wall will cause the miasma to extend to the sides of the arena temporarily. Spirit Discharge will cause a burst of Spiritual Discharge minions to appear.

Table Data

Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
Garvan,theWanderer.png Garvan, the Wanderer 95 205,000 Burst Ranged Blindness Immune
Knockback Immune
Slowness Immune
Heavy Arrow Storm
Heavy Wave
Heavy Push
Spiritual Strike
Energy Slash
Miasma Pool
Darkness Wall
Spirit Discharge
✦ Dam
✦ Def
- Faltach Catacombs
SpiritualDischarge.png Spiritual Discharge 70 4150 Melee - - - Faltach Catacombs


  • Garvan has a stutter. However, when his spirit emerges as the boss in Hollow Serenity, he speaks in a furious tone, without any impediments at all.
  • During Garvan's boss fight, he also has the subtitles of "### TRAITOR" and "### LUNATIC", which both reflect his actions.
    • For the Traitor, it was because Garvan betrayed Katarin by making Eileen fall victim to the Dernic Parasite.
    • For the Lunatic, it was because of how obsessed he was with finding a cure to the Decay and how his actions ended up ruining him.
  • The effects of what he did to Eileen are revealed in the secret discovery, Ways of the Wicked.
  • Garvan has his own boss music, being Waltz with Despair by corpe_.