Battle for the Bonfire

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Limited Time Event: This article covers an event that lasted for a limited period of time before ending.
The event's content will no longer be accessible after it has ended, but collectibles and cosmetics earned by the player will persist.

Battle for the Bonfire is a 5v5 player-versus-player minigame located in the Sunset Valley. It was available as part of the 2022 Festival of the Bonfire from 30th September through 24th October, 2022.

Exclusive Items


Item Effect Uses Range Radius Cooldown Lore

Flaming Glaive
Fires a burst of flames in a straight line. Unlimited uses 8 blocks N/A 1 second Forged in the flames of a bonfire, it's a simple weapon. But it will do.

Fire Whirlwind
Performs a spin attack around the user, igniting any nearby foes. 5 uses 4 blocks N/A 2 seconds This dagger unleashes a flurry of flames that incinerate all who dare stand in their way.

Raging Helix
Unleashes a spiral of flames which can hit enemies from further away. 5 uses 8 blocks N/A 1.5 seconds The jewels embedded into this relik can summon forth a flaming spiral, which engulfs the user and their enemies.

Blazing Inferno Bow
Fires burning arrows in a straight line, further than ever before. 5 uses 16 blocks N/A 1.5 seconds Crafted deep in the heart of a volcano, the string is made of unextinguishable flames.

Inferno Stardust Scepter
Calls forth a burning meteor which crashes 1.5s after being casted. 5 uses 16 blocks 6 blocks 3 seconds The wand's tip is wreathed in crackling flames. With its power, a shower of fiery meteors can be cast down from the heavens.


Up to two runes of any kind can be carried.

Item Effect Uses Duration Range Lore

Rune of Adrenaline
Grants the user the Speed VI effect. 1 use 5 seconds N/A The wind, when focused, can bring forth a surge of energy, allowing oneself to move and react at lightning speeds.

Rune of Ascension
Launches the user upwards. Recharges when you land on the ground. 5 uses N/A N/A Summer winds reach through the hills, lifting those who grasp their power. Keep on moving, reach new heights.

Rune of Halting
Applies the Slowness II effect to all enemies within 6 blocks of a spot of your choosing. 1 use 20 seconds 12 blocks Time is malleable, and time is relative. Shift one's soul off balance, and they will watch time work against them.

Rune of Shadows
Grants the user the Invisibility effect. You leave a smoke trail while this is active. Wears off on death. 1 use 15 seconds N/A Shadows pool in quiet corners, in the absence of light. With the right power, one can call them forth and vanish in their darkness.

Rune of Scope
Increases weapon range by 20%. Activates immediately when picked up. 1 use 30 seconds N/A -

Rune of Ignition
Decreases weapon cooldowns by 15%. Activates immediately when picked up. 1 use 30 seconds N/A -


Item Effect

Boon of Swiftness
Grants Speed I to the entire team for the rest of the game, and makes the Rune of Adrenaline give Speed VII instead.

Boon of Mobility
Grants all team members a double jump item, and increase the vertical boost of the Rune of Ascension.

Boon of Strength
Increases the team's weapon range by 20%, and decreases the team's weapon cooldowns by 15% for the rest of the game.

Boon of Restoration
Removes the team's respawn timer.

Boon of Fortune
Makes runes spawn 3x more often on the team's side of the arena which can only be used by them, and grants team members a random rune when respawning.

Before the Battle

The resting area for the Battle for the Bonfire is the Sunset Valley. Inside the valley are merchants which you can buy items from, a Party Finder to help form a group of 10 players, and the Bonfire Keeper, who explains the rules of the game, as well as a stats board for you to see your Games Played, Games Won, Win Streak, Points Scored, Total Kills, Total Deaths, and your Total Runes.

You need to be in a party of 10 players before you can begin. Once you have, you will then be given a prompt to join the blue or red team. Each team can hold up to 5 players. Once all players have joined a team, a countdown will start and you will be given a Flaming Glaive, beginning the game.

Bonus Objective

The Bonus Objective can be found in the center of the arena, and it shows a task that can be completed in order to get a Boon. The progress of each team can be found here. The objectives can be:

  • Kill players of the opposing team 30 times.
  • Use 25 Runes.
  • Use up 40 Weapon Charges.
  • Kill players holding Chopped Fir Wood or the Bonfire Flame 10 times.

Wood Phase


The Wood Phase lasts 10 minutes and the goal is to get your bonfire 10 Chopped Fir Wood to get two Boons. To get Chopped Fir Wood, you must go to the other side of the arena into the enemy team's forest, located behind their bonfire. You will get 1 Chopped Fir Wood, and you then must return to your bonfire to give it the wood.

If you get killed with the wood, you will lose it and respawn in your side of the arena. While in the enemy team's forest, you are unable to be harmed or harm other people. You also cannot enter your forest, and if you attempt to do so, you will be bounced out of it. Once the Wood Phase has 5 minutes remaining, the amount of Chopped Fir Wood you get from running into the forest is increased to 2. Once a team gets 10 Chopped Fir Wood into their bonfire, they will be given a Boon. If no teams get 10 wood into their bonfire, then no one is given a Boon. After the Wood Phase ends, a countdown will start beginning the Fire Phase.

Fire Phase


The Fire Phase lasts 10 minutes and the goal is to get the enemy's flag down to 0 HP from 5. To do so, a player will need to get the Bonfire Flame located in the center of the arena at the highest level. After a player grabs the Bonfire Flame, they will be invulnerable for 1 second. For other players to know where the player carrying the flame is, they will have a different outline compared to the regular red and blue outlines, which are instead orange and teal respectively. A different banner will appear above their head as well instead of their team's banner, and a beacon will show their location to everyone in the arena.

If a player dies with the flame or if they set the enemy team's flag alight, dealing 1 HP of damage, the Bonfire Flame will return to the center. Once 5 minutes are left of this phase, setting a team's flag alight will now deal 2 HP of damage, and once a flag gets to 0 HP, the opposing team wins. After the game is completed you will receive
Sunlit Copper Coins, which can be exchanged for items from the merchants.


  • When killing another player, several unique kill messages show up:
    • <Player Killed> was incinerated by <Killing Player>.
    • <Player Killed> was roasted in <Killing Player>'s bonfire.
    • <Player Killed> was a tasty treat for <Killing Player>'s bonfire.
    • <Player Killed> met their untimely death in <Killing Player>'s bonfire.
    • <Player Killed> fell into <Killing Player>'s bonfire.
    • <Player Killed> was set alight by <Killing Player>.
    • <Player Killed> forgot to apply water to <Killing Player>'s burn.
    • <Player Killed> was roasted alive by <Killing Player>.
    • <Player Killed> became a marshmallow on <Killing Player>'s bonfire.
    • <Player Killed> was consumed by the flames of <Killing Player>.
    • <Player Killed> was consumed by <Killing Player>'s bonfire.
    • <Player Killed> couldn't stand <Killing Player>'s roast.
    • <Player Killed> was reduced to ashes by <Killing Player>.
    • <Player Killed> fell victim to <Killing Player>'s fiery wrath.
    • <Player Killed> was burned to a charred crisp by <Killing Player>.
    • <Player Killed> was <Killing Player>'s kindling.
    • <Player Killed> was ignited by <Killing Player>.
    • <Player Killed> was turned to dust by <Killing Player>.
    • <Player Killed> was barbecued by <Killing Player>.
    • <Player Killed> made <Killing Player>'s bonfire brighter.
    • <Player Killed> perished in <Killing Player>'s fire.
  • The Battle for the Bonfire has its own unique theme made by corpe_ titled "Blaze of Victory!"
  • When first playing the game, all runes that are items in the inventory will have an Ancient Wynnic 10 in their item lore. This value decreases by having more than the allowed amount of charges in your inventory. If a countdown reaches 0, then a combination of runic words in Ancient Wynnic will then appear. Below is a list of what the message is once the countdown is at 0, along with the message that plays in chat.
    • Ascension:
      • UTHTOL
      • The rune dissipates into a warm breeze. A strong wind nearly knocks you over.
    • Adrenaline:
      • EKUTH
      • The rune crackles and vanishes in a flash. You feel a surge of energy.
    • Halting
      • You blink, and the rune is gone. Time stands still for a long moment, then resumes.
    • Shadows:
      • TOLUTHEK
      • With a puff of smoke, the rune disappears. The sun's flames go out, and the shadows pool around you.