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The Content Team is the group of people who add various content to Wynncraft. Whether it is buildings, quests, mobs, items, features, or sounds, you can bet someone here put it into the game. There are seven branches of the Content Team - the developers, the game masters, the builders, the composers, the artists, the command blockers, and quality assurance.


The developers are the people who work in the more technical side of content creation - the coding. These people are programming wizards, and have created all of the features you see in game and on site! Developers are also hired directly by the CraftedMovie team.


These people are the right hand of Grian - they plan out new requests and lead the Content Team alongside him.


GMs are responsible for the creation of playable content within Wynncraft. They work with YAML files (.yml) and a proprietary scripting language called Wynnscript to deliver Quests, Discoveries, Minigames, Events, Lootruns/Lootrun Challenges, and Mobs, and Boss Altars. GMs work closely with nearly every other role on the team to deliver quality, well rounded content, and have more room for specialization than nearly any other role, meaning you can work as a writer or scripter, as a raid room designer or a mob maker. You can apply here.

Head GMs

Manager GMs

Prime GMs

Grand GMs

Master GMs

Expert GMs

Elite GMs

Adept GMs


New GMs


Builders are responsible for the creation of builds within Wynncraft. They work with plugins such as WorldEdit and VoxelSniper, to deliver aesthetically pleasing, and just as importantly gameplay-friendly builds for Wynncraft. Builders work closely with GMs on the layout of levels for quests and discoveries, and as such, require an eye for detail, the ability to work with others, the ability to create interesting levels, and a knowledge of what makes builds beautiful. As a collective, though, (rather than one person's individual responsibilities as a Builder), Builders influence the world design and layout of the game on a macro scale. You can apply here.

Head Builders

Manager Builders

Prime Builders

Grand Builders

Master Builders

Expert Builders

Elite Builders

Adept Builders


New Builders


The term CMD (or Command Block(er)) refers to a role within the team dedicated exclusively to Command Block-based creations (such as certain cutscenes, such as those found in the original[in Distress], or puzzles like the Wire Puzzle in [of Llevigar]. It is increasingly common for CMDs to hybridize as a Scripter as well.

CMDs and Scripters share a very similar skillset. Both require intricate knowledge of successful programming practices and an ability to apply them to Minecraft. Both require ingenuity and creativity as well as knowledge of how to design simple, scalable systems. The difference is almost exclusively in the medium they prefer to work with: Command Blocks or Wynnscript.

CMD will soon be replaced by Scripter.[1]

Manager CMD

Grand CMD

Master CMD

Expert CMD

Elite CMD

Adept CMD




Scripters work with Wynnscript, a proprietary scripting language made specifically for work on Wynncraft. They use it to make content given a GM's or Manager's instructions, or work on expanding Wynnscript's functionality by making new libraries for other Scripters or GMs to use.

CMDs and Scripters share a very similar skillset. Both require intricate knowledge of successful programming practices and an ability to apply them to Minecraft. Both require ingenuity and creativity as well as knowledge of how to design simple, scalable systems. The difference is almost exclusively in the medium they prefer to work with: Command Blocks or Wynnscript.

You can apply for Scripter here.

Manager Scripters

Grand Scripters

Expert Scripters


New Scripters

Item Team

The Item Team (singular: Item Maker) works on the creation of new, and balancing of, existing items. Recently, their role has been expanded to include Ability Tree balance as well. Item Makers work together to create not only new items, but new IDs, especially Major IDs in a similar workflow to GMs, but without the use of Wynnscript. The Item Team works closely with GMs, especially GM Managers, to create items for other pieces of content, such as rewards for Raids or Quests.

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance (or QA, for short) is a role that works with every other role in the Content Team to assure a good user experience. The QA team works to find, track, and eliminate bugs, to assess the quality of designed levels, to assess accessibility, to ensure good pacing in content at the micro scale and the game at the macro scale, and add barriers where necessary.

Unfortunately, this role cannot be applied for if you are not an existing Moderator or Content Team member.

QA Lead

Master QA

Expert QA

Elite QA

Adept QA


New QA


Modelers work in two disciplines with the same shared role: Game Modelers and Resource Pack Modelers.

Resource Pack Modelers work with third-party modelling software (namely Blockbench) to create assets for the game, usually weapon or cosmetic models. These are individual blocks or items that have been re-textured and/or re-modeled to look like something other than their vanilla Minecraft counterparts.

Game Modelers work with a proprietary armor stand-editing plugin to create complex assemblies of resource pack models and other assets, and then animate them for use as Pets, Mobs, or decoration.

Unfortunately, there is no link for you to apply as a Modeler. Resource Pack modelers are hand-picked by Salted. You *can* apply by DMing him, but it is preferred for you to fill out a form on the forums when he puts them out. Game Modelers are similar to QA, in that you have to be an existing content team member to work as a Game Modeler, and you cannot apply for it from the outside.

Manager Modelers

Master Modelers

Expert Modelers

Elite Modelers

Adept Modelers


New Modelers


Composers work on the original noteblock soundtrack for Wynncraft using software like NBS[3] (Note Block Studio).

Unfortunately, this role is not currently accepting applications. Members are usually hand-picked from within the existing team, but it is possible for non-members to receive a message from management (typically Salted) if they are talented, active in the Wynncraft community, and often display their work.


Artists work specifically on the textures for NPC skins, and occasionally decorative heads.

Unfortunately, this role is not available for applying to.

Art Lead



These staff members make all the Wynncraft art pieces (such as the logos) you see in different places.

Resource Pack Team

The Resource Pack team encompasses all the roles of a Resource Pack modeler, but are also tasked with the task of occasionally updating and reformatting the pack for newer versions.

Unfortunately, this role is not one you can apply t.

Particle Artists

These artists work with a specialized file format to create cosmetic particle effects.

Unfortunately, this role is not one you can apply to.


'Hybrid' is not an official role on the Content Team, but it is a tag that those with much dedication and multiple mastered roles on the content team can achieve, which shows up on the live servers next to your name.

Grand Hybrids

Master Hybrids

Expert Hybrids

Elite Hybrids

Adept Hybrids


Retired Developers

These are developers that once contributed to the code of the network, website, or Wynncraft itself and have left the community and are retired.

  • Retired Developer - MrTwiggy
  • Retired Web Developer and Community Forum Manager - Tama63
  • Retired Network Developer - Mazen
  • Retired Wynncraft Developer - Jpresent
  • Retired Web Developer HiMyNameIsAJ
  • Retired Network Developer - rmb938
  • Retired Web Developer and Community Forum Manager - Elements
  • Retired Staff Panel Developer - Dakota
  • Retired Network Developer - mooman219
  • Retired Composer - Needlr
  • Retired Wynncraft Developer - BattleDash


  • Some members of the CT get special cosmetics.
    • Wynncraft Logo (Player Effect): Requires 10,000 Karma to get.
    • CT Pet - GM: Become a GM.
    • CT Pet - QA: Become a QA.
    • CT Pet - Manager: Become a Manager of the CT.
Spoiler! The hidden text contains spoilers relating to the gallery of the cosmetics given to some CT members.