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Mobs are game entities that have unique abilities and weapons, and come in various levels which indicate the amount of health and damage a mob has. Some mobs have elemental stats that affect the elemental damage they deal or are more immune or weak in.


The type of a mob is classified by the color of its name tag.

  • Red: Hostile mobs.
  • Light green: Passive mobs.
  • Yellow: Neutral mobs.
  • Blue: Defending mobs.
  • Purple: Merchants.
  • White: Dialog NPCs.

There are also special mobs that are differentiated by a star near their name.

  • Purple stars: They are called Rare Mobs since they rarely spawn, and they can drop rare ingredients. Rare mobs have a 100% drop rate of a specific ingredient and/or a chance between 20%-30%.[1]

There are also Quest Mobs, Bosses, Dungeon Mobs, Altar Mobs, Legendary Island Bosses and Key Guardians.

Note that quest mobs will be on their quest page. Dungeons and altars will have links for their mobs.


If a player kills a mob, they gain experience points, which can then be used to level up. The amount of experience points a player earns depends on the level of the mob, level of the player, and the difference between these levels. The closer of level a mob is to a player, the more experience points the player will gain from killing it.

Some mobs drop weapons, armour and Crafting Ingredients that are used in professions. They may also drop unique items that are used in quests or for buying items from merchants.



Merchants buy or sell items for emeralds. Some are specifically used in just one quest, and some have special items as currency instead of emeralds. Pressing right click on a merchant will open their trade window with a display of their goods.

Quest NPCs

Quest NPCs administer quests. They can be anything, from humans, villagers, or even inanimate objects. There are dark green nametags above them, along with green particles around them. The Quest Book gives information about the locations of some quest NPCs. Players can start, advance, or complete quests when they click on a quest NPC.

Horses & Pets

Horses can be ridden by players to quickly travel around. They can be bought from the Horse Merchant and some Dungeon Merchants.

Pets can be found in Daily Loot Crates and can appear as many different mobs, entities or even items. They can be spawned and despawned at will and follow the player around.

Hostile Mobs

Hostile mobs are mobs with red name tags that chase and attack players. There are different hostile mobs with different health, weapons, levels, and abilities.

Lists of hostile mobs:

Passive Mobs

Passive mobs are mobs with green name tags that never attack.

Neutral Mobs

Neutral Mobs are mobs with a yellow tag. When they are attacked by mobs or players, they will fight back.

Defending Mobs

Defending mobs are mobs with blue name tags, and they attack hostile mobs. They are typically found around non-hostile cities or settlements. Some of them will follow the player.

Removed Mobs

Mobs that have been removed from the game or isn't possible to get to the mob anymore.