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GC Shop
A screenshot of the shopping window
Currency Gold Coins
Accessed via /shop, /store or /buy

The GC shop, or the Gold Coin Shop is a special interface which was added in the 1.10 update. The shop sells vanity items in exchange for Gold Coins. Gold Coins were previously purchased from the Wynncraft Store for real money, but can't be bought any more because of the changes to the Minecraft EULA, making the selling of gameplay altering content for real money illegal. The interface now only serves to be used by the few who still have Gold Coins from when they were purchasable, as they should be able to use the things they paid for.

With the 1.12 update a lot of new pets were added and also Item, XP and Party Bombs.

Gold Coins

Removed Content
The following page contains information about content that no longer exists in Wynncraft as of update 1.14.1 and has been archived for historical purposes.

Gold Coins were purchasable from the Wynncraft Store on the website until September 20th, 2016:

Icon Gold Coins Price

100 GC $5

330 GC $15

900 GC $30

1600 GC $50


Itembomb.png Item Bomb

Using an Item Bomb will grant everyone on your current server 2 random items of their level range.

Xpbomb.png XP Bomb

Using a XP Bomb will grant all players on your current server x2 Experience bonus for 20 minutes. While active a message in the top center of the screen will be displayed with the time remaining and the name of the player that threw the bomb.

Partybomb.png Party Bomb

Using a Party Bomb will create lots of sounds and graphics effect in the surrounding area.

Warning: Party Bombs have a tendency to create lag. Please do not overuse them.

Disbomb.png Disguise Bomb

Using a Disguise Bomb will disguise all players to farm animals(Chicken, Cow, Pig, Sheep) in the surrounding area.

Lootbomb.png Loot Bomb

Using a Loot Bomb will grant all players on your current server x2 Loot for 20 minutes. Every mob on the server will drop double loot. While active a message in the top center of the screen will be displayed with the time remaining and the name of the player that threw the bomb.

Dungeonbomb.png Dungeon Bomb

Using a Dungeon Bomb will temporarily open the gates of all dungeons for 10 minutes, making them accessible without keys.

Soulbomb.png Soul Point Bomb

Using a Soul Point Bomb will grant all players on your server 2 Soul Points.

Buyable Item List

Italics indicate this item can only be used once.

Icon Item Price (GC)
Horse Cloaks

Skeleton Horse Cloak 210

Zombie Horse Cloak 135
Player Effects

Potion Effect 260

Emerald Effect 220

Redstone Effect 280

Cloud Effect 220
Special Abilities

Global Shout 10

Global Shouts Package (10) 80

World Shout 3

World Shout Package (10) 24

Loot Bomb 50

Loot Bomb Package (5) 200

Soul Point Bomb 40

Item Bomb Package (5) 160

Dungeon Bomb 50

XP Bomb Package (5) 200

Party Bomb 20

Party Bomb Package (5) 80

Disguise Bomb 20

Disguise Bomb Package (5) 80

Light Bomb Package
(3 Item, 2 XP, 2 Disguise, 5 Party Bombs)

Medium Bomb Package
(5 Item, 3 XP, 4 Disguise, 1 Loot, 8 Party Bombs)

Heavy Bomb Package
(8 Item, 5 XP, 6 Disguise, 2 Loot, 10 Party Bombs)

Pet Renaming Ability 110

Chicken 180

Cow 180

Pig 180

Sheep 180

Zombie 280

Skeleton 280

Spider 280

Pigman 280

Cave Spider 280

Wolf 280

Ocelot 280

Mooshroom 380

Villager 380

Slime 430

Squid 430

Magma Slime 460

Iron Golem 700

Blaze 700

Enderman 700

Witch 700

Wither Skeleton 700

Minecart 920

Boat 920

Floating Eye 1100

Ghostly Painting 1100

Perl 1100

Wither 2500

Using the shop

  • The player may access the shop at any time using one of the following commands: /buy, /shop or /store
  • To purchase the desired effect or item simply click on its icon
  • Use the /use command at any time to use the bought effect, or /rename to rename a pet
  • To disable an effect or cloak, open the /use menu and select the same effect/cloak again


  • Since the 1.12 update Soul Points are no longer buyable
  • The Smoke, Magic, Fire, Music, Letter and Heart effects are not shop buyable but only available with VIP / VIP+ donator status
  • The Cloud effect actually turns into a Letter effect when equipped. For this reason, do not buy the Cloud effect from the store.
  • Some chat notifications still reference gold coins, despite them being removed.