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Species Unknown
Level 107
Health 280000
AI Type Crawl
Abilities Charge, Explosion, Quaking Ground, Collapsing Arena, Full Collapse
Elemental Properties
Weakness Air
Damage Earth
Defense Fire Water Earth
Location The Qira Hive, Earth Division

The Genesis-Revorse is the final boss of the Earth Division in The Qira Hive.


The Genesis-Revorse is very slow, but its explosion attack can deal a lot of damage if you get too close. Its minions similarly move slowly but can deal a lot of damage with their meteor attacks. The Genesis-Revorse also possesses three unique spells.

Quaking Ground

You will shudder in place for a moment for every 1% of HP the Genesis Revorse lost.

Collapsing Arena

After 25% of its HP has been lost, a shuddering effect will play as well as random spots in the arena collapsing which deal 5000 Earth Damage and 5% of your max HP, as well as a Slowness III effect being applied to you as well. This attack is telegraphed by this line of dialogue:

  • The ceiling and floor are starting to shake! That beast is tearing the arena apart!

Full Collapse

Once the Genesis-Revorse lost 65% of its HP, a timer of 60 seconds will start counting down, and a dialogue will play.

  • The whole arena is on the verge of collapsing! You need to kill the beast before the room caves in and kills you!

If the boss is not killed within the time limit, you die. If you defeat the boss within the time limit, the timer ends, and will hold onto the amount of time left to show the player how much time they had left. An additional line of dialogue will play:

  • The arena's stopped shaking, luckily... Hopefully it'll stay standing long enough for you to leave.