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Gert Camp StructureIcon.png
GertCamp G0.png
Lower Gert Camp
Discovery Lore
Home of the Gerts, a race of hunger fueled orange-headed brutes. Though they aren't very intelligent, they are still a force to be reckoned with.
Coordinates X: -50, Z: -5540
Suggested Level 75
Other Merchants None
Quest Starts The Hunger of Gerts Part II
Type/Biomes Plains
Monsters Gert
Gerten Hunter

The Gert Camp is an area where all types of Gert make their home. It houses parts of the quests The Hunger of Gerts Part I and The Hunger of Gerts Part II. In order to enter, players are required to wear a Gert Mask. There are two parts of the camp: The Upper Gert Camp and Lower Gert Camp. The Starter Quest NPC Gerten Chief Lobo can be found in the Upper Gert Camp.

Gerts are confined only to this area and a smaller nearby camp due by the Gylia Watchtower after being defeated in a great war with the Villagers. With such big appetites and little resources, however, this situation is very problematic for the Gerts.


Lake Gylia
-50, -5540
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Points of Interest


Gerten Chief Lobo