Lake Gylia

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Lake Gylia NaturalIcon.png
Lake Gylia overview.png
A wide shot of the grand lake
Discovery Lore
Named after the lush plains preceding it, Lake Gylia is the largest lake in the world. Immense magical energy surrounds this place.
Coordinates X: -160, Z: -5230
Suggested Level 70
Quest Starts Purple and Blue
Hunger of the Gerts Part I
Hunger of the Gerts Part II
Involved Quests ???
Monsters List of Mobs (Gavel)
The deeper into the lake you dive, the stronger the magical power becomes. I think something strange is occuring in the heart of the lake.
~ Korun

Lake Gylia is the largest body of water besides the vast Ocean which separates the Provinces of Wynn and Gavel. It is located in the Gylia Plains, and has small spires with visibly mystical properties that occupy the center of the lake and dot the edges of it. Just to the east of the lake is the Canyon of the Lost and the underground city Thanos. A few ships can also be found in the lake. In the quest Purple and Blue, the cosmic origins of the lake's intense magic is learned, as Korun asks of the player to track down Nikoler before he can make a breakthrough discovery of the meteors.


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  • Lake Gylia's name is derived from the recurring location in The Legend of Zelda franchise, Lake Hylia.