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The Guild Hall SiteIcon.png
Discovery Lore
The Guild Hall is where the most prestigous guilds gather, and where you can create your own. You can also get to Letvus Airbase through here.
Coordinates X: -330, Z: -4900
Suggested Level 75
Involved Quests Aldorei's Secret Part II
Type/Biomes Mountain
Uses Creation of Guilds

The Guild Hall is a massive area of Cinfras that is located behind the city. A small staircase to the side of the entrance connects it to the Letvus Airbase. The Guild Hall is the only place in Wynncraft where Guilds can be made.


The Guild Hall is located east of Cinfras and across a bridge.

Points of Interest

  • Guild Master - The person responsible for creating Guilds. To make a guild, you need 20 LE, 6 Soul Points, and be at least Combat Lv. 75.
  • Guild Season Room - A Room containing data on the current Guild Season. In there, you can find the Leaderboard of a Season, an altar telling you what your next reward will be in relation to SR, and a Rewards List.
  • Clock Mystery Gate - An upcoming feature that is connected to the Clock Mystery.
  • Tisuan Sodeta's Grave - A Grave containing the founder of the first Guild, Tisuan Sodeta of the Sodeta Guild. When right-clicking the grave, the following dialogue appears:
    • The inscription on the gravestone reads "Here lies our great founder, Tisaun Sodeta. May he guide us through the endless fight."
    • An unsettlingly powerful energy seems to blanket the area. There is potential here for...something. But not yet...

Secret Discoveries


  • The Guild Hall contains the Guild Master and an Emerald Merchant.
  • Prior to the 1.14 Gavel update, the Guild Hall was located in Troms and could be accessed via a teleporter.