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Guilds are generally a group of people who work together to achieve a long-term goal. Some guilds mainly focus on war, and others focus on building a community. Warring is an activity exclusively restricted to guilds, and is done by guilds to control territories or land on the map. You can level up your guild by giving it some of the XP that you earn by using the /guild xp [int] command or by taking territories and leveling up the "XP Seeking" bonus. Your guild can start with 5 members, and will increase as you level it up (see the perks table below). Each territory you own will allow you to use bonuses to get things like guild xp, guild emeralds, guild resources (more on this later) as well as bonuses to allow you to generate emeralds & tomes you can give to players.

Guilds wynn.png


Guilds can be created by going to the Guild Master in the Guild Hall in Cinfras. To create a guild, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Be on a character with Combat Level 75.
  • Have 20 Liquid Emeralds.
  • Have at least 6 Soul Points.

When creating a guild, you may choose both the name and the tag that your guild will use. The guild name and tag must meet the following requirements:

  • Must not already be in use by another guild.
    • This is case insensitive, meaning Wynn would not be allowed as WYNN exists.
    • Some guilds break this rule.
  • Must contain between:
    • 4 - 30 characters (Guild Name)
    • 3 - 4 characters (Guild Tag)
  • Must not contain any profanity.
  • Must not impersonate any roles (Moderator, Developer, Wynn).


To attack a territory, use the /guild attack command within the territory you want to attack to open the attack menu. The attack menu shows the territory difficulty, cost, and timer, as well as the route the timer is calculated on, and left clicking will spend emeralds to start the timer. If another guild captures the territory during this timer, your attack is cancelled and the emeralds are refunded. If the timer finishes, up to five random guild members within the territory will be teleported into the war, which is an arena with the Guild Tower, a large tower boss that must be defeated to take control of the territory from the controlling guild. When entering a war, players will have a 25 second grace period in which they can move around and prepare for the fight.

After the 25 second grace period, the Guild Tower will begin attacking the player nearest the tower, attacking the targetted player for a value between the minimum tower damage and double the maximum tower damage, and hits at a rate based on the tower attack speed. Players in the war are shown the stats of the tower in the form of a bossbar, which consists of the guild that currently owns the territory, the territory name, the health and defense of the tower, the minimum and maximum damage range of the tower, and the attacks per second of the tower.

An example of a Guild Tower bossbar

Players are targetted by the tower until they either die, exit the center half of the arena, or leave the war, in which case the tower will target the next closest player. Your guild will capture the territory if the tower's health reaches zero, and the territory will go on cooldown for 10 minutes, preventing other guilds' attacks. Your guild will fail to capture the territory if all players die or leave the war. Dying in a war will result in 2 Soul Points being lost, however you may leave through the lobby or /switch at no cost. Wars do not allow for most commands, such as /class and /trade, so it is recommended trading items is done before the war begins.

For a guild with territories to begin a war, the following conditions must be met:

  • The territory must not have been captured by another guild in the last 10 minutes.
  • The territory must not be owned by the attacking guild.
  • The attacking guild must have a headquarters.
  • The attacking guild must have a valid route to the attacked territory.
  • The attacking guild must have sufficient emeralds for the attack.
  • The attacking guild must not have an active timer on the territory for any less than 20 minutes.
    • If the timer on the territory exceeds 20 minutes, it is possible to attack the territory a second time.
    • Additional timers will be cancelled and refunded if previous attacks are successful.

If these conditions are met, a guild may attack the territory. Guilds that do not have any territories may begin a war at no cost.

Base Attack Costs
Territories Owned Emeralds Required
0 Free
1 200
2 800
3 2000
4+ 4000

When attacking, the tax rates of the territories between your headquarters will be taxed When starting an attack, the tax rate of the territories between your headquarters and the territory being attacked will increase the cost. This increased cost can be calculated using the following formula:

Each variable represents the following:

  • : Total cost of attacking the territory after taxation.
  • : Individual occurrence of tax rate along the route.
  • : Number of occurrences of tax rate in

Throughout the Guild War, mobs will spawn from the Guild Tower, and will later spawn more and more as a war progresses.

Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
Mercenary.png Mercenary 100 15000 Melee - - - Guild War Arenas
Rogue.png Rogue 100 12000 Melee - Thunder: Damage, Defense - Guild War Arenas
Ranger.png Ranger 100 20000 Ranged - Fire: Weakness
Air: Damage, Defense
- Guild War Arenas
Elite.png Elite 100 47250 Melee - Fire: Damage
Water: Defense
Earth: Defense
- Guild War Arenas
Bystander.png Bystander 100 5000 Neutral - - - Guild War Arenas

Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
TownGuard.png Town Guard 100 16000 Melee - - - Guild War Arenas
Bishop.png Bishop 100 16000 Ranged - ✤ Weak
✦ Dam
✦ Def
- Guild War Arenas
Cleric.png Cleric 100 ? Ranged - ✦ Weak
✽ Dam
✽ Def
- Guild War Arenas
Shroud.png Shroud 100 ? Melee - - - Guild War Arenas
Shadow.png Shadow 100 ? Melee - - - Guild War Arenas
Passerby.png Passerby 100 ? Neutral Melee - - - Guild War Arenas

Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
Axeman.png Axeman 100 16000 Melee - ✹ Def - Guild War Arenas
(Nesaak Tundra)
Silencer(NesaakGuildWar).png Silencer 100 10000 Melee - ✦ Def - Guild War Arenas
(Nesaak Tundra)
IceMage.png Ice Mage 100 20000 Ranged - ✽ Dam
✽ Def
- Guild War Arenas
(Nesaak Tundra)
MountainYeti.png Mountain Yeti 100 47500 Melee - ❋ Weak
✤ Dam
✤ Def
- Guild War Arenas
(Nesaak Tundra)
Hiker.png Hiker 100 5000 Neutral Melee - - - Guild War Arenas
(Nesaak Tundra)

When passing through another guild's territory, the cost to start a war is increased due to tax. However, you don't have to pay the guild you're attacking any tax. Note that the extra emeralds a guild pays due to tax get removed from the system.

As an example, a guild originally paying 4000 emeralds, will pay 4200 emeralds instead if they pass through a territory with a 5% tax.


Applying defenses to territories owned by your guild can be done using /guild manage (shortcut /gu manage) and accessing the territory menu.


  • Damage: Increases the minimum and maximum damage the tower deals to players. Costs ore.
  • Attack: Increases the tower's attacks per second. Costs crop.
  • Health: Increases the tower's health. Costs wood.
  • Defense: Increases the tower's resistance to player attacks. Costs fish.
  • All 4 upgrades can be maxed out at level 11.

Offensive Bonuses

  • Stronger Mobs: Increases the damage mobs deal to the player in the war. Costs wood.
  • Multi-Attack: Allows the tower to target an additional player (2 total). Costs fish.
  • Aura: Releases a wave of fire particles that descend down the tower to the floor of the arena then travel halfway to the edge of the arena. Any player that touches aura particles is dealt 100%-200% of the tower's damage. Aura can be dodged by standing in the back half of the arena, or by jumping at least 1.5 blocks off the ground. Costs crop.
  • Volley: Launches a volley of particles that fly to the outer half of the arena and explode, dealing 100%-200% of the tower's damage. Volley can be dodged by standing in the center half of the arena, or by jumping around 4 blocks off the ground. Costs ore.

Guild Ranks

Members of a guild can only perform actions based on their rank within the guild. There are 6 ranks:

  • Owner
  • Chief
  • Strategist
  • Captain
  • Recruiter
  • Recruit

Players joining a guild have a 3-day cooldown on accessing the guild bank, participating in wars, and queueing territories. There is also a 7-day cooldown on rewarding players with guild emeralds and guild tomes. The cooldown on accessing the guild bank is the only one that may be bypassed if your rank is higher than recruit. The guild owner may also choose to set the minimum rank that may open the guild bank between recruit and recruiter.

Example error message of being unable to war

Guild Permissions
Permission Owner Chief Strategist Captain Recruiter Recruit
Guild Bank (Everyone) ?
Invite New Members
Queue Wars
Promote Members (lower)
Guild Bank (High Ranked)
Manage Territories
Set Guild Headquarters
Manage Diplomacies
Gift Rewards to Members
Kick Members
Edit Guild Banner
Edit Bank Settings
Transfer Legacy Bank
Transfer Ownership

Leveling Guild

Guilds members can contribute experience to the guild using the /gu xp <0-100>. When a guild levels up, it receives the perk corresponding to that level. The amount required for each level can be calculated using the following formula:

Each variable represents the following:

  • : Experience required to level up from the current level (from level minimum).
  • : Base amount of experience required (Defaults to 20,000).
  • : Current level of the guild.
  • : Iterator value for levels to .

The following table shows the amount of experience required to reach each level:

Guild Levels
Level Experience Perks
1 20,000 +4 New Badges
2 43,000 +4 Member Slots
3 69,450 Guild Bank Unlocked
4 99,868 +1 New Badges
5 134,848 +1 Badge Slot
6 175,075 +8 Member Slots
7 221,336 +7 Bank Slots
8 274,536 +1 Territory Loadout Slot
9 335,717 +1 Ally Slots
10 406,074 Weekly Guild Objectives Unlocked
11 486,986 +1 Badge Slot
12 580,033 +1 New Badges
13 687,038
14 810,094 High Rank Bank Unlocked
15 951,608 +5 Member Slots
16 1,114,349 +7 Bank Slots
17 1,301,502
18 1,516,727 +1 Ally Slots
19 1,764,236
20 2,048,872 +1 Territory Loadout Slot
21 2,376,202 +2 New Badges
22 2,752,633
23 3,185,528
24 3,683,357 +5 Member Slots
25 4,255,860 +7 Bank Slots
26 4,914,239
27 5,671,375 +Higher Tax Rate [1-10]
28 6,542,082
29 7,543,394 +1 Badge Slots
30 8,694,903 +1 Ally Slots
31 10,019,138
32 11,542,009 +7 Bank Slots
33 13,293,310 +7 Member Slots
34 15,307,307 +7 High Rank Slots
35 17,623,403
36 20,286,914 +4 New Badges
37 23,349,951
38 26,872,443
39 30,923,310 +1 Ally Slots
40 35,581,806 +1 Guild Star
41 40,939,077 +7 Bank Slots
42 47,099,939 +5 Member Slots
43 54,184,929
44 62,332,669
45 71,702,569 +Higher Tax Rate [1-20]
46 82,477,955
47 94,869,648
48 109,120,095 +5 New Badges
49 125,508,109
50 144,354,326 +7 High Ranked Slots
51 166,113,505 +1 Ally Slots
52 176,088,030 +7 Bank Slots
53 219,614,335
54 252,576,485
55 290,482,958
56 334,075,402
57 364,591,651 +Higher Tax Rate [1-40]
58 441,857,719
59 508,156,376
60 584,399,833 +5 New Badges
61 672,079,808
62 772,911,779
63 888,868,546 +1 Ally Slots
64 1,022,218,827
65 1,175,571,652 +7 Bank Slots
66 1,351,927,399 +10 Member Slots
67 1,554,736,509
68 1,787,966,986
69 2,056,182,033 +6 New Badges
70 2,364,629,339 +1 Guild Star
71 2,719,343,739 +7 High Ranked Slots
72 3,127,265,300 +1 Ally Slots
73 3,596,375,095
74 4,135,851,359
75 4,756,249,063 +6 Member Slots
76 5,469,706,423
77 6,290,182,386
78 7,233,729,744 +7 New Badges
79 8,318,809,206
80 9,566,650,587
81 11,001,668,175 +6 Member Slots
82 12,651,938,401
83 14,549,749,161
84 16,732,231,535 +6 New Badges
85 19,242,086,266
86 22,128,419,206 +1 Territory Loadout Slots
87 25,447,702,087 +6 Member Slots
88 29,264,877,400
89 33,654,629,009 +7 Bank Slots
90 38,702,843,361 +5 New Badges
91 44,508,289,865
92 51,981,584,495
93 58,859,952,607 +4 Member Slots
94 67,689,337,633
95 77,843,189,235 +7 High Ranked Slots
96 89,520,186,224
97 102,948,810,556
98 118,391,818,001
99 136,162,150,806
100 156,574,993,427 +1 Guild Star
101 180,061,262,441
102 207,070,471,807 +4 Member Slots
103 238,131,062,578
104 273,850,741,965 +1 Territory Loadout Slot
105 314,928,373,259 +4 Member Slots
106 362,167,649,248 +7 Bank Slots
107 416,492,816,635
108 478,966,759,131 +4 Member Slots
109 550,811,793,000
110 633,433,581,950
111 728,448,639,243 +4 Member Slots
112 837,715,955,129
113 963,373,368,398
114 1,107,879,393,658 +4 Member Slots
115 1,274,061,322,707
116 1,465,170,541,113 +1 Territory Loadout Slot
117 1,684,946,142,280 +10 Member Slots
118 1,937,688,083,622
119 2,228,341,316,165
120 2,562,592,533,590 +10 Member Slots
121 2,946,981,433,629
122 3,389,028,668,673
123 3,897,382,988,974
124 4,481,990,457,320
125 5,154,289,045,918
126 5,927,432,422,806
127 6,816,547,306,226
128 7,839,029,422,160
129 9,014,883,855,484
130 10,367,116,453,807
131 11,922,183,941,878
132 13,710,511,553,160
133 15,767,088,306,134
134 18,132,151,572,054
135 20,851,974,327,862
136 23,979,770,497,041
137 27,576,736,091,598
138 31,713,246,525,337
139 36,470,233,524,138
140 41,940,768,572,758
141 48,231,883,878,672
142 55,466,666,480,473
143 63,786,666,472,544
144 73,354,666,463,425
145 84,357,866,452,939
146 97,011,546,440,880
147 111,563,278,427,012
148 128,297,770,211,064
149 147,542,435,762,723
150 169,673,801,147,132 Max Guild Level



Resources are a integral part of economy within guilds, being used to purchase upgrades and bonuses on territories. There are five resources, being:

  • Emeralds

  • Ore

  • Wood

  • Fish

  • Crop

Each territory produces a set type of resources, with some being able to produce higher quantities or multiple resources at once. Territories on the map typically have a higher abundance of one or two resources within an area, typically based on the area's theme. Each area produces at least one of the four material resources, with the exception of The Silent Expanse having no territories that produce ore whatsoever. All territories produce emeralds, with towns having higher emerald production, and oases having lower emerald production.

Resource Count
Type Commonly Found Count
Ore Canyon of the Lost, Molten Heights, Swamp, Llevigar 108
Wood Light Forest, Dark Forest, Neesak Tundra 122
Fish Corkus Island, Ocean 55
Crop Ragni Plains, Detlas Plains, Desert, Silent Expanse 89
Town Major towns within each area of the map 19
Oasis Produce all resources at a reduced yield 20
Double Canyon of the Lost, Corkus Island, Ocean 13
Multigen Maltic Coast generates both fish and crop 1

Resources traverse to their destination through the use of packages, which are the resources produced by a territory or sent by the guild headquarters. Packages traverse through special storages in each territory, which can hold an unlimited number of resources, and travel along a route calculated when sent from the origin territory. The route of a package cannot be changed after it has begun traversing, and any changes to tax along the route will still be applied.

Every 60 seconds, the map will have a traversal tick, where all packages will move to the next territory on their route. Traversing resources may only be interacted with in two ways:

  • The package arrives at it arrives at its destination, in which case they are added to the destination territory's storages.
  • The territory the package is traversing through is captured, transferring the package into the capturing guild's headquartes on the next traversal tick.
    • Captured packages are added to the headquarters traversals as a package, and have their destination territory set as themselves.

When calculating the route to the destination territory, if the route tax total exceeds 99.95%, the territory will not send any resources. Production territories will stop creating packages to traverse if the guild has no headquarters, and any currently traversing resources will continue to their destination, regardless of the owner.

Guild Headquarters

A guild's headquarters is the territory assigned by a guild to store and distribute resources and emeralds to all of that guild's territories to pay for upgrades and bonuses. All resources and emeralds produced by territories that guild owns will traverse towards the headquarters according to the routing type of the territory that produced the resources, and all resources and emeralds distributed by the headquarters to supply territory costs will traverse towards the destination territory according to the headquarters' routing type. Headquarters routing also applies to attacking, seeking the shortest timer on fastest, and the lowest attack cost on cheapest. The headquarters receives a higher base storage for resources and emeralds, being able to store 1500 of each resource and 5000 emeralds with no upgrades.

Headquarters receives the normal +30% connection bonus to damage and health that all territories receive, as well as an additional bonus of +25% damage and health for each territory owned by the guild within 3 connections of the headquarters, with these territories being called externals. The bonus given by externals defaults to +50% with no externals owned, and also includes direct headquarters connections that are used in the connection bonus. Externals do not require the territories between itself and the headquarters to be owned for them to be used in the calculation. To calculate the damage and health of a headquarters, the following formula can be applied:


Upgrades are buffs that can be set on the guild tower of a territory at the expense of resources. They provide raw stat bonuses to damage, attack speed, health and defense. The guild tower also receives a stat boost based on the amount of nearby owned territories, with a +30% bonus to damage and health for connected territory that is owned.

Upgrade Levels
Upgrade Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5 Level 6 Level 7 Level 8 Level 9 Level 10 Level 11 Stat Boosted
Damage +40% +80% +120% +160% +200% +240% +280% +320% +360% +400% +440% Damage
Attack +50% +100% +150% +220% +300% +400% +500% +620% +660% +740% +840% Attacks per Second
Health +50% +100% +150% +220% +300% +400% +500% +620% +660% +740% +840% Tower Health
Defence +300% +450% +525% +600% +650% +690% +720% +740% +760% +780% +800% Defence
Upgrade Resource Costs
Upgrade Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5 Level 6 Level 7 Level 8 Level 9 Level 10 Level 11 Resource
Damage 100 300 600 1200 2400 4800 8400 12000 15600 19200 22800 Ore
Attack 100 300 600 1200 2400 4800 8400 12000 15600 19200 22800 Crops
Health 100 300 600 1200 2400 4800 8400 12000 15600 19200 22800 Wood
Defence 100 300 600 1200 2400 4800 8400 12000 15600 19200 22800 Fish


Bonuses are buffs that can be set on Territories at the expense of resources and emeralds. They provide ability stat boosts for the guild tower, gathering and combat XP boosts for the owning guild's members, and can boost resource and emerald generation.

Bonus Costs
Bonus Level 0 (Default) Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5 Level 6 Level 7 Level 8 Level 9 Level 10 Bonus Upgrade Resource
Stronger Minions +0% +150% +200% +250% +300% (Max) Minion Damage Wood
Tower Multi-Attacks 1 Max Target 2 Max Targets (Max) Max Targets Fish
Tower Aura 0s (Disabled) 24s 18s 12s (Max) Frequency Crops
Tower Volley 0s (Disabled) 20s 15s 10s (Max) Frequency Ore
Gathering Experience +0% +10% +20% +30% +40% +50% +60% +80% +100% (Max) Gathering XP Wood
Mob Experience +0% +10% +20% +30% +40% +50% +60% +80% +100% (Max) XP Bonus Fish
Mob Damage +0% +10% +20% +40% +60% +80% +120% +160% +200% (Max) Damage Bonus Crops
PvP Damage +0% +5% +10% +15% +20% +25% +40% +65% +80% (Max) Damage Bonus Ore
XP Seeking +0/h +36000/h +66000/h +120000/h +228000/h +456000/h +900000/h +1740000/h +2580000/h +3360000/h Guild XP Emeralds
Tome Seeking 0%/h 0.15%/h 1.2%/h 2.4%/h (Max) Drop Chance Fish
Emerald Seeking 0%/h 0.3%/h 3%/h 6%/h 12%/h 24%/h (Max) Drop Chance Wood
Larger Resource Storage +0% +100% +300% +700% +1400% +3300% +7900% (Max) Storage Bonus Emeralds
Larger Emerald Storage +0% +100% +300% +700% +1400% +3300% +7900% (Max) Storage Bonus Wood
Efficient Resources +0% +50% +100% +150% +200% +250% +300% (Max) Gathering Bonus Emeralds
Efficient Emeralds +0% +35% +100% +300% (Max) Emerald Bonus Ore
Resource Rate 4s 3s 2s 1s (Max) Gather Rate Emeralds
Emerald Rate 4s 3s 2s 1s (Max) Gather Rate Crops

Below are the costs for each Bonus.

Bonus Costs
Bonus Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5 Level 6 Level 7 Level 8 Level 9 Level 10 Resource
Stronger Minions 200 400 800 1600 (Max) Wood
Tower Multi-Attacks 4800 (Max) Fish
Tower Aura 800 1600 3200 (Max) Crops
Tower Volley 200 400 800 (Max) Ore
Gathering Experience 600 1300 2000 2700 3400 5500 10000 20000 (Max) Wood
Mob Experience 600 1200 1800 2400 3000 5000 10000 20000 (Max) Fish
Mob Damage 600 1200 1800 2400 3000 5000 10000 20000 (Max) Crops
PvP Damage 600 1200 1800 2400 3000 5000 10000 20000 (Max) Ore
XP Seeking 100 200 400 800 1600 3200 6400 9600 12800 Emeralds
Tome Seeking 400 3200 6400 (Max) Fish
Emerald Seeking 200 800 1600 3200 6400 (Max) Fish
Larger Resource Storage 400 800 2000 5000 16000 48000 (Max) Emeralds
Larger Emerald Storage 200 400 1000 2500 8000 24000 (Max) Wood
Efficient Resources 6000 12000 24000 48000 96000 192000 (Max) Emeralds
Efficient Emeralds 2000 8000 32000 (Max) Ore
Resource Rate 6000 18000 32000 (Max) Emeralds
Emerald Rate 2000 8000 32000 (Max) Crops


🛈 The following commands that start with /guild can be shortened by typing /gu <cmd>

You can join a guild with

/guild join [tag] Joins a guild by tag
Available for all Guild Members
Command Description
/g [message] Talk globally to your guild members in the guild chat.
/guild leaderboard See the global guild leaderboard (also available on the website).
/guild list See every member in your guild and some basic info about them such as their xp contributed.
/guild stats See the global guild statistics (also available on the website).
/guild log See the latest guild logs.
/guild xp [amount] Specify how much percentage of your gained Combat XP will go towards leveling up your guild. This includes all Combat XP from quests, mini-quests, and mobs.
/guild territory Open the territory menu
/guild leave Leave your current guild, at the price of 3 Soul Points.
Available only for Recruiter and higher
Command Description
/guild invite [name] Invite a new member to the guild
/guild manage Open the guild management menu with more permissions
Available only for Captain and higher
Command Description
/guild rank [name] [rank] Rank up or down a member of the guild (only below your own rank).
/guild attack Attack the territory you're standing at.
/guild manage Open the guild management menu with more permissions
Available only for Strategist and higher
Command Description
/guild manage Open the guild management menu with more permissions
Available only for Chief and higher
Command Description
/guild kick [name Kick members from the guild (only below your own rank)
/guild banner Open the banner editor (flag upgrading is currently broken)
/guild manage Open the guild management menu with more permissions

Available only for the Guild Owner
Command Description
/guild transfer Transfers guild ownership
/guild disband Permanently disbands the guild
/guild seticon Sets the guild icon (to hand)
🛈 For more information on commands, see Commands.


Guild banners are customizable in the guild menu when clicking the banner of an area, and are used to showcase a guild by means of a banner whenever they control a territory. Each banner is exclusive (and thus no two guilds can have the same banner) and can be changed at an area banner for 10,000 emeralds.

Pedestals for guild banners are upgrade-able when clicking on an area banner, and are displayed whenever the guild controls the territory as the area banner. Pedestals work in a system of tiers, with each upgrade incrementing the pedestal's tier by one. Each upgrade also has a required level for the guild, and if not fulfilled the guild is unable to upgrade their pedestal.

🛈 Please note that upgrading banners seems to be broken right now!

Tier 1

Minimum Guild Level: Emeralds Needed:
Free Free
Tier 1 banner

Tier 2

Minimum Guild Level: Emeralds Needed:
10 1 
 Stack, 58 
 Liquid Emeralds, 4 
 Emerald Blocks, 32 
 Emeralds (500000 Emeralds)
Tier 2 banner

Tier 3

Minimum Guild Level: Emeralds Needed:
20 3 
 Stacks, 52 
 Liquid Emeralds, 9 
 Emerald Blocks (1000000 Emeralds)
Tier 3 banner

Tier 4

Minimum Guild Level: Emeralds Needed:
30 7 
 Stacks, 40 
 Liquid Emeralds, 18 
 Emerald Blocks (2000000 Emeralds)
Tier 4 banner

Tier 5

Minimum Guild Level: Emeralds Needed:
40 15 
 Stacks, 16 
 Liquid Emeralds, 36 
 Emerald Blocks (4000000 Emeralds)
Tier 5 banner

Tier 6

Minimum Guild Level: Emeralds Needed:
50 30 
 Stacks, 33 
 Liquid Emeralds, 8 
 Emerald Blocks (8000000 Emeralds)
Tier 6 banner

Tier 7

Minimum Guild Level: Emeralds Needed:
60 61 
 Stacks, 2 
 Liquid Emeralds, 16 
 Emerald Blocks (16000000 Emeralds)
Tier 7 banner

Tier 8

Minimum Guild Level: Emeralds Needed:
70 122 
 Stacks, 4 
 Liquid Emeralds, 32 
 Emerald Blocks (32000000 Emeralds)

Calculation Formulas

Formula for the minimum guild level:

Level required = (tier - 1) * 10

Formula for the emeralds needed for tier 2 and higher:

Cost = (2 ^ (tier - 2)) * 500k


Below is a list of commonly used terms and phrases used within guilds.


Abbreviation of guild headquarters.
1. The damage per second dealt by players within a war.
2. The role of dealing damage in a war, typically in a team
The role of tanking damage in a war, typically in a team.
The role of healing other players in a war, typically in a team.
Player participating in a war by themselves.
Duo, 2Man
Group of two players who participate in a war.
Trio, 3Man
Group of three players who participate in a war.
Group of four players who participate in a war.
Group of five players who participate in a war.
Warteam, Team
General term for a group of people participating in a war.
HQ Team
Group of warrers who focus on taking a guild headquarters.
B Team
Group of warrers who focus on taking externals, critical resources, chokeholds, or towns.
Short for consumables.


Short for territory
Also known as Proxy
Short for connection. A number beforehand dictates the number of connections.
Ext, Pseudo, Pseudoconnection
Short for external. A number beforehand dictates the number of externals.
Short for treasury.
1. Short for defense.
2. The process of defending territories.
The process of undefending territories.
The process of increasing the defenses on a territory.
Eco, Ecoing
The process of fixing or changing the guild's economy.
Short for resources.
Voiding, Voided
The deletion of resources, either when a territory generates more with full storages, or an amount greater than the storages of a territory arrives at that territory.
Choke, Chokehold
The territory in which a large number of resources are required to flow into.
The process of draining resources by restricting the amount of resource input into a guild headquarters.
Where the output of the headquarters exceeds the input, either due to being
Short for tributes.
Short for emeralds in a territory.
Eme Seeking, Em Seek
Not to be confused with emeralds
Short for emerald seeking upgrade.
Dictates the upgrade levels for each of the territory upgrades in order of damage, attack, health, defense.
For instance, 5/7/5/5 would indicate Damage 5, Attack 7, Health 5, Defense 5.
Dictates that a territory has level N on each of the territory upgrades.
For instance, 11x4 would dictate that each upgrade of the territory is level 11.
Short for very low defense or treasury.
Short for medium defense or treasury.
Short for very high defense or treasury.
Short for multi-attack.
Short for tower aura.
Short for tower volley.
Snipe, Sniping
Taking a guild headquarters.
Typically used in the context of only taking connections before taking the headquarters.
Drysnipe, Dry
Not to be confused with sniping
Taking a guild headquarters without taking any connections or externals.
Snake, Snaking
Moving your guild headquarters to your most recently taken territory to prevent it from being attacked.
Abbreviation of cooldown.
When a guild has lost all the territories it owns.
Often abbreviated as simply "q"
Synonymous with starting an attack on a territory.
Time until a war begins.


Not to be confused with Raids
A coordinated attack on a guild or region.
The area in which a guild owns.
Abbreviation of free for all, which are areas decided by guilds with claims to practice warring or to gain additional season rating.
Note that free for alls are not officially recognised
Guild that actively holds a claim.
Guild that solely focuses on attacking claims.
Abbreviations of long territory names, typically where a guild headquarters is placed.
PTT: Path to Talor, MBP: Mine Base Plains, SDFTL: Swamp Dark Forest Transition Lower


  • Guilds were added in the 1.13 Wynnter Update.
  • Guilds were originally going to just be permanent parties.[citation needed]
  • Before the release of the 1.14 Gavel Expansion, the Guild Master was accessible through a teleporter in Troms.
  • The 1.20 Gavel Reborn Update revamped guilds, guild wars, banks and territories.
  • Before guild banners were added in 1.18, the Mysterious Potatoes riddle was in their place. The riddle revealed partial image of guild banner.